Fanboy Comics Joins Mary Costa Photography for Comic Book Photo Shoot


BBComic 0112As the Managing Editor of Fanboy Comics, I have the distinct honor and privilege to work with amazingly talented individuals throughout geek culture: actors, writers, artists, directors, photographers . . . the list is endless.  It is always a pleasure to learn more about their craft and to follow their artistic endeavors throughout various stages of the creative process.  Needless to say, when the opportunity arose to work with one such industry professional on a comic book-themed photo shoot, I jumped at the chance!

FBC President Bryant Dillon (a.k.a. the husband) and I were invited by photographer Mary Costa (of Mary Costa Photography - to participate in an anniversary photo shoot that encapsulated both our love for each other and our love of comic books.  (This geeky gal will never turn down the opportunity to wear gorgeous dresses and have my make-up done by a professional make-up artist!)  Over the span of 24 hours, Bryant and I were transformed into the 1950s versions of ourselves by make-up artist and stylist Angel Alvarado and swept away to the Bronson Caves at Griffith Park for a photo shoot that would make Annie Leibovitz jealous.  Thanks to Mary’s creative team, which included event designer Jessica Kucinskas, Jennie Palluzzi (of Garlic, My Soul), Rebecca Lear, George Hrico, and Jeff Hayford, the Bronson Caves were transformed into a comic book lover’s dream: a cozy picnic (packed into Batman lunch pails) of Captain America and Wonder Woman cupcakes, orange soda, and comic book issues galore!  

BBComic 1439The Bronson Caves served as the perfect setting for the shoot, as they are best known for being the Bat Cave in the original, Adam West version of the Batman TV series.  In addition, the caves made appearances in Star Trek: Voyager, Lost Horizon, and the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.   Between the amazing set design by Mary’s creative team and the added excitement of being near the Bat Cave, Bryant and I were happy geeks.

After a full day of costume and location changes, Bryant and I shared our immense thanks with Mary and her creative team for including us in such a thrilling day of geekdom.  After a few short weeks, we were thrilled to see Mary’s gorgeous photography, which is now being featured on, a website that features wedding photography and assists soon-to-be-married couples in personalizing their weddings.  In addition, Mary was very generous to provide us with a few of the images from the photo shoot for the Fanboy Comics readers.  

BBComic 1133Thank you to Mary Costa for including the Fanboy Comics staff in such a thrilling creative endeavor and for making us feel like the coolest geeks in the world.  Her photography is simply stunning, and she is available for both weddings and portraits in Los Angeles and Boston.  For more information regarding Mary Costa Photography, please visit





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