Bleeding Ink Productions Announces New Comic Mini-Series, Blood-Moon


Bleeding Ink Productions logoIndie comic book publisher Bleeding Ink Productions recently announced that they will be launching a new comic mini-series entitled Blood-Moon, and the FBC staff and I could not be more excited!

First and foremost, Bleeding Ink Productions is an exciting new indie comic book publisher based in Hollywood, CA.  Founded by writer/creator Jesse Grillo, the company seeks to “ . . . create unique, hardline stories that stand out from anything you’ve ever read.”  Previous titles include Chapel, War Zone, Sensory Distortion, Demigods, and Patriot, all penned by Grillo.

Blood-Moon, the newest title under the Bleeding Ink banner, will be a four-issue mini-series that revolves around a summer camp that trains children to be hunted on the night of the next major lunar event, the night of the Blood-Moon.  Estimated for an early fall release, the series was written by Jesse Grillo and will feature art by Jonny Christopher Ledford (H.E.3, A Tale of Dark Londinium).  Bleeding Ink has generously provided Fanboy Comics with the below sketch art from the series, and they will give fans more updates and information regarding Blood-Moon when the official Kickstarter campaign is launched in the coming months.

BloodMoonSketchFor more information regarding Blood-Moon, Bleeding Ink Productions, Jesse Grillo, and Jonny Christopher Ledford, please visit





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