The Fanbase Weekly: Episode #039

In The Fanbase Weekly, the Fanbase Press staff and a host of special guests from across the pop culture spectrum discuss the top geek stories of the week.

In this episode, the Fanbase Press staff welcomes guest Jonathan Latt (writer, The Geek) to discuss the latest geek news stories of the week, including whether FOX will reboot the Alien franchise, which Star Trek is the best Star Trek, NASA's job post for a Planetary Protection Officer, and the upcoming TV sequel of The Karate Kid.

Cast members
: Bryant Dillon, Drew Siragusa, Claire Thorne, and Barbra Dillon

Special guest: Jonathan Latt (writer, The Geek)


The Fanbase Weekly
Theme Song Written and Performed by
: Adam WarRock

The Fanbase Weekly Theme Song Produced by: Mikal kHill

Episode Photo by: Sean Foster

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