The Fanbase Weekly: Episode #105

In The Fanbase Weekly, the Fanbase Press staff and a host of special guests from across the pop culture spectrum discuss the top geek stories of the week.

In the latest episode, the Fanbase Press staff welcomes guests Jeffrey Bridges (Dreamnasium, Pendant Audio) and Geoffrey Thorne (Dreamnasium, The Librarians) to discuss the latest geek news stories of the week, including whether Zemo is one of the best MCU villains, toxic tweets attempting to discredit Marvel writers, why this year's SDCC may have quieted down, and the impact of Amazon's The Boys in examining hero worship.

Cast members
: Bryant Dillon, Drew Siragusa, Claire Thorne, and Barbra Dillon

Special guests: Jeffrey Bridges (Dreamnasium, Pendant Audio) and Geoffrey Thorne (Dreamnasium, The Librarians)

16:10 - (The Mary Sue) Zemo Is One of the Best MCU Villains and I’m Thrilled He’s Coming Back
26:02 - (Bleeding Cool) Fake Tweet Used to Try And Discredit New Marvel Comics Writer, Alyssa Wong
45:00 - (The Comics Beat) SDCC ’19: The year things quieted down
57:36 - (io9) Amazon's THE BOYS Is a Morbidly Frank Breath of Fresh Air About the Cult of Superhero Worship


The Fanbase Weekly
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: Adam WarRock

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Episode Photo by: Sean Foster

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