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The Odds

The Odds - Audio Drama

Coming soon from Fanbase Press!  Adapted from the novel, The Odds, by author Robert J. Peterson, this audio drama is a post-apocalyptic action-comedy, where chess is a full-contact sport!

The apocalypse happened, but no one knows how. What’s left is a barren world ruled by a high-powered caste of bookies, The Odds. Scurrying around underneath is our hero, Eldridge—a big-hearted, bumbling drifter with an estranged family he loves dearly. He’s deep in debt and deathly sick, so he places a bet predicting the day he’ll die. If he wins, he can go to his grave knowing that his family will be safe, but when he returns to his hometown to collect, he gets some bad news: He’s going to live. So, it’s on to plan B—a high-stakes battle-tournament that pits real-life chess avatars against each other in random-chance brawls-to-the-death. But, Eldridge doesn’t know that someone’s gamed the tournament to pit him against an old friend who’s now a bitter enemy. Now, he’s got to make all the right moves to save his family—and beat the Odds.

Written by Robert J. Peterson
Published by California Coldblood Books, an imprint of Rare Bird Books


Adapted by: Bryant Dillon, Robert J. Peterson, and Sam Rhodes
Directed and Edited by: Sam Rhodes
Produced by Barbra Dillon and A.D.E.D. Audio
The Odds Original Score Composed and Performed by Russell Holsapple

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, Comedy
Audience: Mature

Release Date: TBA

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