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Favorite '80s Comic Series: Strikeforce Morituri
Favorite '80s Hairstyle: Mullet (also, Fe-Mullet)
Favorite Decade: '80s

A collection of tales from four writers/creators (Mike Fountain, Marcel Losada, James Ninness, and Joe Pezzula), the first two comics are mind-blowing.  The writers have assembled some nineteen artists to create the world of dystopia and pain.  Nineteen.  That’s 19 different styles mixed up among the tales.  Don’t read this expecting to be bored – you see new stuff constantly.

Seven Holes for Air is a graphic novel produced by Bill Paxton (as in, “Game over, man!  Why don’t you put her in charge!”) and Arcana Comics.  Written by John McLaughlin, who has worked on such movies as Black Swan and Parker, he is also the comic writer for Youngblood (Image Comics).  Why a screenwriter, you ask?  Turns out this comic was a movie sent to Paxton for which he’d play the lead.  Paxton was busy and stuff (maybe he should have taken the Batman role?  Too soon?), but loved the script . . . so he produced the comic.  John McLaughlin was a screenwriter and comic writer, so voila!  I imagine (This is all my conjecture.) that’s how it happened.  Bill, if this isn’t correct, email me.  The artist, Mick Reinman, is also a movie guy – it looks like (I went online and shizzle.) he did art for 21, Love Streams, Galaxina . . .

I just finished my 2nd reading of Warp Zone by Ted Lange IV. (Ted Lange III was Isaac on Love Boat!)  What a weird comic this is.  It has some identity issues at times, but it's still very entertaining, I think the comic will be perfect for the ADD watchers of Ren and Stimpy and the gamers who loved Afro-Samurai . . . also some of us kids who grew up with Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.


Hi, everyone.  I’ve been enjoying a lovely vacation, but my editor insisted I get back to work.  I’ve missed you.  Anyway, Molly Danger is written and pencilled by Jamal Igle.  He’s a DC guy, predominantly (Firestorm, Super Girl, and a bunch of single issues).  He dabbles in animation (CGI) and has done some work with others (Marvel), as well.  Good stuff.  He’s pretty notable – if you don’t know him, you’ve probably seen his art and not known it.

Anyway, Molly Danger is a cool book.  I know you loved The Powerpuff Girls (Who didn’t?!), and if you’re anything like me, your Bubbles Doll is a little . . . well used.  The good news is the titular character of this series is a 10-year-old girl with all super strength, invulnerability, and reflexes, and stuff.  So, you can retire your Bubbles doll . . . or take a break anyway, you freak. 

My editor keeps having me review books, and they are so much more difficult to write a blurb about than a comic.  There’s, like, chapters.  And, no pictures.  And, lots and lots of words.  I just read one for you: Dark Talisman by Steven M. Booth.  I actually enjoyed it; it was fun . . . but I think you’ve got to be a certain person to actually really enjoy it.  I’ll tell you why.

As you may have guessed, my real name isn’t Jack.  Because of the sensitivity of my career, etc., I use the moniker, “Jack” or “Simply Jack” to throw the hounds (you) off my trail.  Jack, however, is partially inspired by a supporting character in the Mass Effect franchise . . . so yeah – I am a total Mass Effect junky.  And, Jack is hot, and a girl. (and now you don’t even know if I’m a boy or a girl!  Bwahahah!)

Fine.  I’m drunk.  I tried to download Tabatha #2 at 7 p.m.  It failed.  I drank.  8 p.m.  Fail.  9 p.m.  Epic fail.  11:26 p.m.  Great success.  All the typos of my drunk writing have been cleansed by my editor.  Has my soul been cleansed by Neil Gibson? No.  Neil, you owe me dinner.

You know that clique of guys who play Dungeons & Dragons a lot and are really into it?  You know that one guy whose character was a wizard who so desperately believed that if he roleplayed hard enough he would someday be able to fire-ball your a-- straight to hell?  You know the guy . . . in my corner of the world, his name was Stanley.  In England, his name is Dr. G. Michael Vasey (hereinafter referred to as “Doc,” because that’s what I call PhDs).


Tabatha revisedI just read Issue #1 of the new, 4-issue limited series Tabatha by T-Publications . . . and damn. Just damn (in a good way). Why don’t I tell you about it?

It’s written by Neil Gibson ( - totally worth checking out), with art by Caspar Wijngaard (Pencil, Inks) and Anja Poland/Caspa Wijngaard (Coloring), and lettering by Comicraft. The story is compelling. A loser(ish) mailman encounters the usual stuff to show us what a loser he is (stutters in front of the hot girl, gets picked on by his boss, encounters obese/naked/awkward folks in their houses, and gets threatened/yelled at by old ladies). A day in the life of a nerd, right? From here, I expected the story could take several turns:


KillogyWhen I rolled out of bed this afternoon, I was feeling a bit under the weather.  Lesson learned: never try to out drink someone who talks like a pirate.   I staggered to the kitchen and threw together three key ingredients (4 really) on some Wonder Bread, and now I feel almost human.  Human enough to write this review anyway.  I gotta tell you, a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (with Mayo) can really take the edge off of an epically bad idea of a night.  It’s like magic food.

Where am I going with this?  Killogy’s trade paperback is coming out, and I’m going to tell you if you should read it or not.  It’s written by Alan Robert.  It’s illustrated by Alan Robert.  It makes comic review writing easier when there is only 1 guy involved in a comic:  thank you, Mr. Robert, for simplifying my painful afternoon.  Also, thank you for your “comfort food comic.”

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