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This review is about Wrath, a pretty cool storyline about a world where the superheros go all crazy blind evil zombie cannibals on the population . . . which is pretty much apocalyptic.  Cool idea, likely a great story, and everyone loves an apocalypse, superheros, and zombies; this appears to have all 3.  Except Wrath, the comic, is secondary in this review.  The real focus here is on the 3D art within this online comic.  It’s pretty weird.

It’s not every day I’m asked to review a completely new comic by one of the big publishers, but, this time, I must have gotten lucky.  Today, we talk about the new storyline, EGOs, written by Stuart Moore and with art by Gus Storms.  It’s a sci-fi flick focused on the far future, and a bad guy (or two) is doing some very bad things.  So, the aging superhero puts a new team together to tackle the villain and save the world . . . except we know it’s never that easy.

There is a new graphic novel out (produced by Capcom of all companies) that is worthy of note.  I’m talking about Lost Planet: First Colony, a sci-fi action/thriller which primarily takes place on an exceptionally hostile and exceptionally cold planet.  Why is this worthy of note?  Aside from Capcom, there are several reasons.  Allow me to explain.

Erstwhile reader, you have stayed loyal through the last three reviews, so, of course, you’re anxiously awaiting the 4th and final chapter in my reviews of the Tabatha tale.  Rest easy, friends – this is it.

So anyway.  My editor was all, “Hey, Simply Jack. You should totally review Age of Darkness #1 and 2,” and I was all, “Nah.”  And, she was all, “But it’s co-written and illustrated by Joanna Estep. She’s a big up and comer who just graduated but still managed to do Tokyo’s Pop Road – which is cool.”  And, I was all, “Busy, no.”  And, she was all, “It’s got zombies.”

My editor never asked me to write this review, and she may never publish it since the book (Doctor Sleep by Stephen King) came out in September. This isn’t exactly "on time."  For those of you not familiar with his latest piece, Doctor Sleep follows Danny Torrence (of The Shining lore) from adulthood into middle age.  It’s a standard King story with bad guys, good guys, and adventure . . . but what makes this book different than his others is less about the set up of the story and more about Stephen’s clear affection for Danny.  I’ll explain shortly.  [BTW - Spoilers are a few paragraphs down. I’ll remind you again when we get close.]


Assuming you have a soul, a pulse, and a brain, you’re as addicted to the Mass Effect saga as I am.  If you’re unfamiliar with the phenomenon, read the next paragraph, cook up a batch of ME, mainline it, and then read the rest of this review.  Seriously – the entire saga is paradigm shifting, mind altering, life changing and damn good.  For those of you with a brain, soul, pulse, and the knowledge I’ve just imparted, I’m here to tell you about the new comic from Dark Horse, Mass Effect: Foundation #5, which is due to hit stores any second.

It’s all about perspective, man.  Is Kanye a hero or a villain?  Is The Simpsons bad or good?  Is Kim K hot or disgusting?  Depending on your perspective, you could (wrongly) like Kanye, The Simpsons, and Kim Kardashian, and I guess that would be all right.  Also, given enough drugs and beatings, you might even be able to sway me to your thinking, and I might begin seeing things through your perspective.  Which would suck.

As Halloween is fast approaching, the Fanboy Comics staff and contributors decided that there was no better way to celebrate this horrifically haunting holiday than by sharing our favorite scary stories! Be they movies, TV shows, video games, novels, or anything other form of entertainment, members of the FBC crew will be sharing their "scariest" stories each day leading up to Halloween. We hope that you will enjoy this sneak peek into the terrors that frighten Fanboy Comics!

Through the years, my addiction to horror (movies, girlfriends, books, games) has acted just like any other addiction (heroin, cocaine, bath salts, etc.).  The first good hit – in my case, Jaws (I was five years old.) – has never been replicated.  There were some close calls [The Shining (the book), Event Horizon, Exorcist] but never have I been as ball-shatteringly scared as when that Kintner boy was eaten.  I’ve chased it, though; whether it’s the new scary zombie movie or the new Stephen Kingbook, I will devour it in the hopes that maybe – just maybe – I’ll be scared out of my wits.

Tabatha #1 was life changing and awesome, and Tabatha #2 was great, but not GREAT, if you know what I mean.  Tabatha #3 . . . still pretty great.  Somewhere between #1 and #2.

For those of you just catching up, you’re behind.  Read Tabatha #1 and #2, and then this review, and then Tabatha #3, and you’ll be fine.  If you refuse, then fine – this is what’s happened so far.

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