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‘Lady Killer #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I want this comic to be better, simply because the art is unbelievably amazing. I was intrigued with the first issue. Josie Schuller, a Mad Men-era housewife who also happens to be an assassin, is our hero. There was a nice tone to the first issue that doesn’t carry over here. There’s nothing really humorous, mysterious, or even life threatening - the stakes are very low. So, what the writers, Joëlle Jones (Spellcheckers, Hellheim) and Jamie S. Rich (12 Reasons I Love Her, You Have Killed Me, both collaborated on with Jones) want to convey to their audience isn’t completely clear to me.

The cover of this second issue promises something that is darkly humorous and pleasantly violent. Poking fun at the housewife from that era and the assassin game by mashing the two together – it would make an excellent t-shirt. This dark humor is really only kind of portrayed in the broadest of ways in the second book, as Josie is kind of forced to think about juggling her work with her family.

I mentioned that the stakes aren’t very high. The final page of the first issue showed our hero suddenly undercover as a bunny waitress at a very expensive club. This second issue is dedicated to Josie very easily being undercover and very easily hunting down her prey and very easily getting away with it, with only cameo appearances by characters that appeared in the first issue. Why is this second kill part of the story? It isn’t all that interesting and doesn’t really set anything up as we move forward. Do we want to be two issues in and still be showing us how easy all this is for Josie? The first fight in the first issue was far more intense than this one. We want to see Josie go up against something that takes her out of her comfort zone and then follow that story through all five books. The target in this issue, I don’t know who he is, I don’t know why she’s after him. Even though she says she knows who he is, that doesn’t help the reader. It isn’t until the end of the issue that we find out maybe something of a dramatic nature will happen next issue.

The book asks us to care about Josie caring about her family, but we don’t really know the family, just that they make an appearance in the final pages. I don’t recommend this comic for the story, unfortunately.

I do, however, recommend it for the stunning, expressive artwork from Joëlle Jones and the coloring of Laura Allred. When the characters don’t come alive through the story, they spring off the page through the artwork. Simply stunning work. I hope that the story finds its footing as it continues, because the first issue showed plenty of potential.

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