‘Tabatha #3:’ Comic Book Review (Coming Along Nicely)

Tabatha #1 was life changing and awesome, and Tabatha #2 was great, but not GREAT, if you know what I mean.  Tabatha #3 . . . still pretty great.  Somewhere between #1 and #2.

For those of you just catching up, you’re behind.  Read Tabatha #1 and #2, and then this review, and then Tabatha #3, and you’ll be fine.  If you refuse, then fine – this is what’s happened so far.

Luke, Fin (Luke’s bro), Bailey, and Ty are four friends who have found themselves in relatively dire straits.  They robbed a guy, and he turned out to be crazy and psycho and conniving and fat . . . and crazy.  He has this Mannequin (the movie) idea that his mannequin (the thing) could become alive (which he kind of thinks she is anyway?), if he does some magic stuff and has a replacement body.  It doesn’t work ever (Crazy, remember?), and he keeps killing girls.

So, at the end of Issue #2, Luke was dead or captured, and Fin, Bailey, and Ty were in receipt of Luke’s hand.  They seemed nervous.

Issue #3 picks up nicely – the relatively simple/naïve/stupid crew continue to make good decisions for the story - but bad decisions for them - and our main baddy gets some more page time . . . and he’s twisted, so that’s cool.

Neil Gibson keeps on delivering on a compelling tale, and the art remains new-age Manga/Clean Western.  I read a lot of comics, books, and haiku, and I don’t know how this is going to end, so it’s neither predictable nor boring . . . and the characters (though not terribly complex) are easy to empathize with: I like ‘em.

Bottom line is if you read Issues #1 and #2, you’ll read and love #3.  If you missed out and you’re reading this review anyway (which is kind of weird), then stop reading the review and get back issues of #1 and #2 and catch up.  Seriously, that’s dumb; you’re wasting time reading this when you should be getting culture through comics . . .

Anywho.  Two enthusiastic thumbs up.  I know this series will wrap up soon, and, frankly, I’m looking forward to Neil’s next project.  You will be, too.

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