‘The Mushroom Murders:’ TPB Review

Okay, so it’s called The Mushroom Murders.  Not the most compelling name for a series of comics that make up one BIG graphic novel.  When I “volunteered” (My editor can be cruel. I love my editor!) to review The Mushroom Murders, I expected some cop comic with a gritty detective and maybe a hot girl and a twisted killer who may have connections to something supernatural or weird.  I was mostly wrong.  I also expected to be bored.  I was totally wrong.

Non-spoiler synopsis (You can read this on the back cover, basically.): Delaware city has had a murder or two that are weird.  No bodies and the clothes have ashes in ‘em – and they also have a mushroom.  Yep, I know – it’s weird.  Officials are flummoxed, so they summon the help of a detective guy and a detective girl to help.  Seems predictable, and I expected a standard storyline somewhere between Heart to Heart (It’s a TV show from the '80s. Look it up.) and Se7en.

Totally doesn’t happen. The first 80% (or 4 books) get a bit creepier as they show you what’s going on, and the last 20% is pure insanity on the best, twisted, surprising, powerful, and cool levels possible.  Seriously – awesome.  The story is so good (especially towards the end – wait for it!!) that I’m afraid to spoil anything.  But, it does take some time to get amazing.  Be patient.

Anyway, it’s written by this guy Chad Anderson, best known for his Marvel Guides (the big, fat Marvel books that talk about the Marvel Universe).  Some dummy at Marvel didn’t give Chad the chance to have Marvel publish (I assume), because The Mushroom Murders might be hard to find – order it here at the Creator’s Edge – an indie comic publishing shop.

The art is Marvel-tastic – clean and modern.  No surprises and it gets the point across.  We’re not buying it for the art.  My big question is this: will Chad continue the story, because he leaves it way hanging out and around.  I’m absolutely hooked, and you will be, too.  Buy it.

Simply Jack

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