‘In Sanity, AZ #1-2:’ Comic Book Review (Dark Wonderland in ‘Merica)

A collection of tales from four writers/creators (Mike Fountain, Marcel Losada, James Ninness, and Joe Pezzula), the first two comics are mind-blowing.  The writers have assembled some nineteen artists to create the world of dystopia and pain.  Nineteen.  That’s 19 different styles mixed up among the tales.  Don’t read this expecting to be bored – you see new stuff constantly.

The comic was created via Kickstarter, and if you didn’t give money, you missed out on some pretty cool stuff – like chillin’ with the creators.  I’m not sure how long the funding (They met their goal, of course.) will last, so keep an eye on it if you’re a lover of these comics . . . it’d be a shame to not get more of these, because you were too lazy to watch the interwebs.

The “story” of In Sanity, AZ, is explained in the first few vignettes of issue number one.  Don’t be afraid if you’re confused by the lack of a linear tale, and don’t give up.  I enjoyed, but was not overwhelmed, by the beginning, and if I had to pick a weakness it would be the beginning of the 1st issue.  Persevere and keep reading. 

Once you have a clue as to the story, our twisted writers get going.  Sanity is a dark place.  If you know Wonderland from Grimm Fairy Tales, Sanity would fit right in.  It’s a violent/insane dystopia for visitors, and a “perfect” home for most of its residents.  The recurring characters have heaps of character, and their stories are told over multiple vignettes, showing just a little more depth with each telling.  This world is not for the faint of heart; terrible things are common, and if you’re squeamish, you’ll be squeaming.  A lot.

The art is done by nineteen people, and they appear to rotate (as do the writers) across tales. This creates a really cool effect of different atmospheres/feels/styles of each tale.  You won’t know until you turn the page what you’re looking at.  This gives the illusion of many comics in one.  So, it’s a bargain.  Plus, this art is great.  It captures the creepy/evil innocence of some characters with almost Manga-like sweetness, then switches to another tale with a more realistic view of the world.  Kudos.

I’ve read the first two issues and will be reading the rest.  If you want something different and far less clichéd than the average comic, read these.  Start with issue number 1, buckle up, and get ready for a trip to insanity . . . In Sanity, AZ.

Simply Jack

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