'Dark Horse Presents #16:' Advance Comic Book Review


Dark Horse Presents 16I don’t understand why we don’t have more anthology comics out there.  Comics grew up on anthologies.  Some of the most prominent characters in comics appeared first in anthologies.  I do like regular ongoings, too, don’t get me wrong, but a good anthology allows creators to try small, wild stuff and allows readers to try out a bunch of creators.

Dark Horse Presents #16 is a sterling example of what an anthology comic ought to be.

There’s a lot to like in here: 80 pages of content split amongst ten stories, or parts of stories, with a good mix of stories that have been running for a while and those that are just starting out or one-shots.  There’s a good variety in flavor, too, from the dark and atmospheric (“City of Roses”) to the screwball fantasy (“Buddy Cops”) to the reflectively autobiographical (“Dead Air”).  I liked everything I read, though some less than others, but I’ll admit that some stories were hurt by my being a dozen chapters behind and having no idea what was going on.  But then, if I liked every story in the book equally, then the anthology would’ve been missing its mark.

I will not judge the writing or art in this book as a whole since so many different creators contributed.  But, it is a magnificently put together package, and I found plenty I liked, and liked in a different way than other things in the same issue.  Nothing feels wasted or too redundant, though Dark Horse Presents clearly has a certain kind of audience in mind.

Dark Horse Presents is easy to recommend.  Any pull list ought to have a solid anthology on it, and this one’s as solid as they come.



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