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'Thought Bubble Anthology 2012' Review


Thought Bubble Anthology 2012The Thought Bubble Anthology is a collection of short comic stories collected for the Thought Bubble Festival in the UK. The festival is a celebration of comics, and that is reflected in the anthology. The comic is essentially a sampler with a focus on our love of comics.

Ranging from one half to four or five pages, the stories varied as much in subject matter as you might think, given that there were over thirty separate creators. If there is a common theme, and there isn’t, you might say it is the love of the medium. But, you can’t.

Unfortunately for the poor saps who have to review this comic, there isn’t a claim that can be made about one page that has any bearing on the other thirty. The good news for lazy reviewers is that the stories here range from good to inspired. I was impressed with the art, as well.

Normally, I tend to enjoy about half the stories in an anthology like this, but I honestly enjoyed everything in this comic. There were some genuinely funny comics, some bittersweet musings on art and the universe, and the best James Bond parody I have ever seen.

Keep reading comics, true believers, and give this anthology a shot.

Five Public-Domain-Superspy-Villains out of Five.



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