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Perhapanauts 1Perhapanauts is a cross between the BPRD and Torchwood. The team is made up of several monsters, a psychic, and Jerry O’Connell from Sliders. No, that wasn’t an invitation to White Castle. The monsters on the team include Bigfoot, the Mothman, Chupacabra, and a ghost. If the premise doesn’t make you chuckle a little, then the comic should. I can say that this is one of those comics that does a great job of balancing several different layers of humor, from picking your nose with cheeto fingers to some things that are funny. In a one-page extra, we find the best superpower ever: ice-cream headaches.

Overall, I liked the art here, and I thought it did a great job of balancing the silliness of the characters with a serious comic style. I just wish the story did quite as good of a job. I have never read Perhapanauts before, but this is Issue #1 of a new series, so I thought this would work out fine. Then, the first thing in the comic is a scene bemoaning the tendency of comics to get too wrapped up in their continuity and forget about new readers. The next page was the story so far. Then, the comic started. In the middle of continuity. Without anything to pull in or explain anything to new readers. I read this one three times and while I enjoyed the art, humor (cheeto-nose-picking aside), and characters, I still have no idea who most of the characters are, who they are in conflict with, or even where they are. I don’t know a thing.

Given a long history with this comic, I think I would have really enjoyed it, but I cannot recommend this for new readers. Unfortunately, that 1 of 5 is just not accurate. This isn’t a stand-alone story with an established cast of characters. This is deep in the story.

Three Cheeto Fingers out of Five.



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