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'Ragemoor:' Advance Hardcover Review


Ragemoor HCRagemoor is a Lovecraftian horror story about a malevolent castle. There is also a strong, gothic horror vibe to this comic. While the characters are dealing with unimaginable nightmares, they are also consumed by lust and obsessions. The castle is like an evil version of Hogwarts; there are countless secrets and the rooms move when you aren’t watching. The art is interesting and often unnerving, but I was a little disappointed by the writing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but it felt a little rushed at times.

The biggest problem that I had with the comic was that the main character talked all the time about everything that was happening to him. There are some disturbing reveals and a few tense moments, but too often the characters would cry out something out of a Vincent Price movie. It felt overwrought. The premise is good and frightening, but the horror built too quickly to inspire dread.

Now, one thing that impressed me to no end is the art. The characters were exaggerated without being caricatures. The castle was menacing and bizarre. The horrors that appeared were truly disturbing. The strange aspects of this story were truly outlandish. The art managed to be expressive and unsettling and I liked it.

Overall, this is an interesting comic, but not necessarily a great one. I liked many aspects, but the comic as a whole was missing something. I think that it focused too much on the grotesque and not quite enough on the story. Still, if you are looking for some horror, this one might just be what you are looking for.

Three Shambling Horrors out of Five



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