Books & S--t #004: Guinness Enright

Books  S--tBooks & S--t #004: Guinness Enright
*Warning:  Contains strong language, alcohol consumption, and adult content.



Brought to you by Guinness



This is the episode Brian has been waiting for!  Finally, we drink the Stout that heals the soul, the sweet nectar of St. James' Gate, Dublin's pride, Guinness!  And, making the show even more special, we welcome Jason Enright, Founder and Publisher of WE Comics.  In this episode, we talk about The Millions' list of difficult books, their merits, their flaws, and why exactly they're so damned hard to read.  We also talk to Jason about the starting his own company and his favorite literary genre, all while getting very drunk on Guinness.

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Jason Enright: @jasonenright
Brian McGackin: @bpmacgackin
Sam Rhodes: @samrhodesfilm
Books & S--t: @booksandshit

Jason Enright may have achieved the status of ultimate nerd by the age of 26.  He's a comic book reviewer, professional games master, and has just launched his own independent comic publishing company with his wife Mairghread. You can learn more about their new line of comics at He is also a social media addict and can be found tweeting away on his Twitter handle, @jasonenright.



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