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'Lobster Johnson: Caput Mortuum' - Advance Comic Book Review


Lobster Johnson Caput MortuumAfter giving it some thought, I don’t think that the recent string of Lobster Johnson one-shots are my favorite comics, but they come pretty close. The stories are similar to the action serials of the '30s and are set in the world of Hellboy and the BPRD. What I love about these stories is that they manage to fit good action, light detective bits, supernatural awesomeness, and humor in the same 22 pages.

For those of you who still aren’t familiar with Lobster Johnson, he is one part Indiana Jones, one part The Shadow, and one part Zoidberg. Actually, he is just lobster themed, not a horrible, crustacean, medical doctor for people. He is a bad-mother-shut-your-mouth in a bomber jacket who beats the stuffing out of the bad guys.

I loved the last issue of Lobster Johnson, but I loved it for the silliness and the character. This issue keeps the silliness mostly in check, long enough to relate a truly spectacular story. Often when people say spectacular, they mean neat. This is a story that is full of spectacle. Without any context or spoilers, there is a melting man, a fiendish plot, silly catch phrases, action, drama, a zeppelin, and two guys heckling a newsreel.

I could analyze the structure of this issue and tell you that it straddles the line between fitting into a larger world and telling a self-contained story. I could explore the notion of taking a one-off minor character from Hellboy and fleshing him out with his own book. I could reflect on the book’s modern interpretation of a 1930s serialized radio adventure story. I could brag about how cool I am, because I was into Lobster Johnson before The White Stripes were popular. (Ed. Really?) (Ben: It’s a joke.) (Ed. Dork.) Instead, I just want to say that Lobster Johnson is awesome, and you should read this issue.

Five Ponderous, Low-Speed Zeppelin Chases out of Five.



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