Books & S--t #003: Sugar Free LeFavi

Books  S--tBooks & S--t #003: Sugar Free LeFavi
*Warning:  Contains strong language, alcohol consumption, and adult content.



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Don't touch Books & S--t or you'll get burned, as Brian and Sam drink their way through another amazing episode, this time welcoming special guest Joe LeFavi, transmedia guru and Founder and Ambassador of Awesome of Quixotic Transmedia.  They discuss recent food-based news stories, namely the True Blood cookbook and the decision that Chicken Soup for the Soul will actually make soup.  The trio also drunkenly debates the changing face of entertainment consumption, the potential of transmedia, and the author Joe LeFavi would most like to have an affair with.

Quixotic Transmedia
Post War Queen Elizabeth II (Don't Ask)
City of Thieves by David Benioff
Skyy Vodka








Joe LeFavi: @carpecaffeine
Brian McGackin: @bpmacgackin
Sam Rhodes: @samrhodesfilm
Books & Shit: @booksandshit

Joe LeFavi is an obnoxiously passionate transmedia producer and brand strategist with 10+ years of experience in the entertainment industry.  LeFavi is the Founder and Ambassador of Awesome of Quixotic Transmedia, a transmedia consultancy championing the creation of original content designed to engage audiences across multiple forms of media.  As an energetic guide into the transmedia space, he enables storytellers to unearth the potential of their ideas alongside industry pioneers capable of bringing those ideas to vivid life.

LeFavi specializes as a transmedia brand strategist, helping clients to develop and promote entertainment brands across multiple platforms.  Using publishing as a natural springboard for transmedia storytelling is a key strategy for Quixotic, often serving as a publishing packager who encourages forward-thinking entertainment brands to launch, promote, and expand their worlds with original published works.  Many of these efforts fall under his first-look deal with Archaia, the winner of 5 Eisner Awards and 12 Eisner nominations in 2011 and 2012 alone, including two consecutive wins for Best Graphic Album New.  He collaborates with Archaia on a variety of projects, spearheading biz development for their Black Label division – a transmedia publishing solution that utilizes original graphic novels as organic springboards for transmedia marketing campaigns.  Among his recent collaborators are Relativity Media's IMMORTALS, Meteor Entertainment's HAWKEN, and numerous titles with The Jim Henson Company.  LeFavi is no stranger to the Henson brand, as he most recently served as Henson's Director of Publishing & Development before launching Quixotic in 2010.

Outside of the office, LeFavi travels the country as a guest lecturer and respected authority on transmedia brand building.  As an active member of the entertainment community, LeFavi was named the “second most-liked executive” on the 2009 Brown List – the first industry poll where Hollywood executives crowned their most and least-liked peers.  LeFavi received a B.A. in Film & Video Studies from The University of Michigan.  He is a proud Sicilian and cat owner.  His cat’s name is Biscuits.  She is awesome supreme.

About my company:

Proudly serving as the Wonkavator for forward-thinking entertainment brands, Quixotic Transmedia is a fun, accessible, and fully customizable hub for horizontal and vertical transmedia brand development.  Quixotic is designed to serve as the one-stop destination for brand innovation, providing the friendly and informed perspective of a brand strategist, the imaginative solutions of a creative agency, and the turnkey, full-service support of a transmedia producer.  With a focus on transmedia brand development, we specialize in packaging and producing original brand extensions for top entertainment properties, building the bridges for those worlds to widen their scope and thrive across multiple forms of media for years to come.



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