'The Milkman Murders:' Advance Hardcover Review


The Milkman MurdersThe new publication of Image’s 2005 horror miniseries, The Milkman Murders, is now available in a hardcover edition.  Inside, read Joe Casey’s disturbing depiction of modern suburban life, which Steve Parkhouse expertly brings to life with his art.  This horror comic is not for everyone, but for any horror comic fan, it is a must have.

Casey introduces us to Barbara Vale, a modern suburban housewife, her abusive, drug-addicted husband Vincent, her rude, distant son Fletcher, and her rebellious, and cold daughter Ruthie.  Often cropping up in the book is the 1950s television sitcom Leave it to Mother, which Barbara often watches, offering a cruel juxtaposition to her tragic circumstance.  We’re given enough darkness from chapter one to truly leave the reader wondering how this woman could have it any worse.  Casey is only too happy to answer us.

I was struck after reading this wondering whether a non-suburbanite would be able to truly appreciate the beautiful darkness behind this book.  Somewhere and at some time, all of us who grew up in the “perfect” world of suburban America have caught a glimpse of what our parents never wanted us to see.  Casey captures it all in a disturbingly honest way, presenting it to the reader without remorse or apology.

The Milkman Murders is a great book, and I couldn’t be happier that it has been re-released.  It is certainly not for everyone; a tough read right before bed, as well, but if you’re a fan of horror, then this is not a book to miss.  

I would not recommend it as a Mother’s Day gift.



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