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'Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #2:' Advance Comic Book Review


The Victories 2After reading the second issue of Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories, I am still along for the ride. Now that the style has been roughly introduced (gritty and cynical), the book has to started to build the world. In this issue, we are introduced to most of the rest of The Victories, as well as some of the non-super criminals. There is definitely some plot advancement here, but the book is clearly focused on setting the scene.

These introductions also help to show the differences between The Victories and the JLA and Avengers. The Victories (Faustus, Sleeper, Sai, D.D. Mau, and Lady Dragon) all give the impression of being people when they aren’t in their suits. These guys aren’t Captain America or Superman. They aren’t spending every waking hour being the heroes. They have cats and need to burn off the adrenaline of a fight. This is more Watchmen than Justice League.

Now, what would drugs look like in a world with superheroes in it? This book suggests that the drugs would mimic super powers. The drug of choice here is called float. It has the stupor and addictiveness that you would expect, but the side effects are more extreme. The long-term side effects are weird Hector Hammond growths and floating. Yep, floating. Like up in the air. It seems like the perfect drug to include in a super-book, and I am a little shocked nobody thought of this before. Ultimately, float helps sell the idea of a city with horrible problems that needs saving.

After the first two issues, I am not sure if The Victories are the team to save the city, but I look forward to seeing where the story goes next. I know I will keep following this one.

Five Terrifying Side Effects out of Five.



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