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The Massive #2: Advance Comic Book Review


The Massive 2Recycled SPOILERS for the Setting

After a series of natural disasters (called the Crash) has wrecked the planet, society, and the ecosystems of the world, a group of environmental activists deals with the aftermath.

End Recycled SPOILERS for the Setting

The second issue of Brian Wood’s The Massive continues to address the issues and morality of the end of the world.

The storytelling continues to impress and the characters are still being rounded out. There are three separate timelines in this book. One explores the Crash as it happens, especially how it impacted Hong Kong. One deals with a post-crash visit to “HK” and the rebuilding efforts. The last timeline is the major storyline of the book and is concerned with ship-to-ship combat.

The action of this book is exciting and more closely resembles submarine combat than battleship combat. (Ed. Fewer aliens?) The result is a book that pulls you inexorably toward the end. The biggest problem I had with this issue is that I wanted so badly to see how it turned out that it was difficult to take my time and enjoy it.

This is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to finishing this story almost as much as I look forward to exploring this world. Just a note of caution, pick up the first issue before reading this one.


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