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Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will soon be releasing The Fiction #3 on Wednesday, August 19, written by Curt Pires and illustrated by David Rubin. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an exclusive advance preview of Issue #3!

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

The Staff of Fanboy Comics would like to wish you and yours a very happy IBM PC Day! Whether you are a Mac or a PC, it is only right to pay your respects on the day that the first available IBM Personal Computer was announced to the world.


Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

The FBC staff has returned from San Diego Comic-Con 2015 with a ton of exciting con coverage and interviews (The full list is available here.) and a good amount of SDCC swag to share with our readers who didn’t make it to the biggest con of the year!

In 1979, the word A L I E N was spelled out across the top of an ominous movie poster, conveying a sense of foreboding of something unknown. An eerie, yellow light seeped out of the egg-shaped space pod with the tagline: In space no one can hear you scream. Audiences were drawn along with the Nostromo crew as they explored the mysterious, abandoned ship on LV-426 and encountered a new and hostile alien species. It was one of the first movies to successfully combine science fiction and horror in an interstellar setting, spawning several inferior imitations in the 1980s while also inspiring standout films that furthered the genre, such as Event Horizon (1997), Pitch Black (2000), Sunshine (2007), and Europa Report (2013). While it may have seemed like space horror was a new genre after the release of Ridley Scott’s film, the genre has a rich history that took hold of movie audience-goers almost thirty years prior with the space horror films that could best be classified as invasion films. With a plethora of films, much has been written about science fiction, horror, or on individual films (mostly the Alien franchise), yet surprisingly, little analysis can be found on space horror as its own genre in cinema. It was with this gap that I pitched a book idea, was accepted, and now have a tentative title, Essays on Space Horror in Films, 1950s – 2000s. Now, it’s onto the next step, and here is where you come in.

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

Today is August 4th, and you know what that means, dear readers. Only 25 more days until nuclear holocaust and the machine revolution!

As many fanboys and fangirls know, Skynet is the artificially intelligent computer system that serves as a major villain in the Terminator franchise. According to James Cameron's Terminator lore, Skynet was originally installed into the U.S. military mainframe to control the national arsenal on August 4, 1997. (Don't worry, Sarah Connor Chronicles fans. We will celebrate your Activation Day in April.) It was only 25 days later, on August 29th, that Skynet became self-aware and decided to exterminate the human race.

Comic book publisher OSSM Comics (in conjunction with Image Comics) will soon be releasing the fourth issue of Sons of the Devil, a series created by Brian Buccellato (Flash, Detective Comics, The Black Bat) and illustrated by Toni Infante. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an advance preview of the Issue #4!

Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will soon be releasing Regular Show #26 on Wednesday, August 5, written by Mad Rupert, illustrated by Wook Jin Clark, and with cover art by Afonso Ferreira and Terry Blas. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an exclusive advance preview of Issue #26!


Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

Author Ted Kosmatka recently released his debut novel, The Flicker Men, a fantastic science fiction thriller that is packed with unrelenting suspense.  Following the discoveries of a disgraced scientist as he uncovers the existence (and, sometimes, lack thereof) of the human soul, The Flicker Men is sure to fascinate readers with its wildly imaginative and hauntingly smart journey into some of the universe's darkest mysteries. In honor of the book's release, publisher Henry Holt and Company has generously provided us a copy of the novel to give away to our readers!  Plus, we are excited to share the Prologue and first 2 chapters of the book to our readers, which may be found here!

Player:Piano is an award-winning collaboration between composer/pianist Sonya Belousova and director/producer Tom Grey, and the duo has made a name for themselves through their incredible arrangements and music videos of pop culture songs and soundtrack themes.  With previous works tapping into beloved properties like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, The Legend of Zelda, Tetris, Akira, and more, Player:Piano has secured over 4.8 million views on YouTube.  In their latest endeavor, the group has chosen to honor the Super Mariofranchise for its 30th anniversary with a new, classical music adventure!  Be sure to check out their musical arrangement and video below of the iconic theme, as well as the custom NES-Piano that will be given away to one lucky YouTube subscriber when Player:Piano hits the 1 million subscriber milestone.

Abomination, the fantasy/horror novel by author Gary Whitta (Star Wars: Rogue One, The Walking Dead), hit bookstores this month, and publisher Inkshares has generously provided Fanboy Comics with a preview of the first two chapters of the book! Fanboy Comics is excited to be able to share this preview with you, and we hope that it will interest you in checking out the book!

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