Happy Collect Rocks Day 2015!

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

Good tidings to you on this momentous day - for it is Collect Rocks Day! In honor of this joyous occasion, we present to you our Top 10 Favorite Rocks of all time!


1. The monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey









2. The rock that killed Piggy in Lord of the Flies [This was chosen by FBC President Bryant Dillon. All complaints should be sent to bryant (at) fanboycomics (dot) net.]





3. The Thing





4. FBC Creative Director Sam Rhodes informed us that there was a dragon in How to Train Your Dragon that had a rock for a tooth. (Your guess as to which dragon is as good as ours.)









5. The rocks that Luke levitates with the Force.










6. The fossil from Jurassic Park






7. The boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark









8. Stonehenge . . . we have to go with the classics sometimes.






9. Rockbiter from The Neverending Story




And, last but certainly not least . . .


10. Kryptonite






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