California Coldblood Books Finds a Home with Rare Bird

Fanboy Comics is happy to share with its readers that California Coldblood Books, the independent publishing company dedicated to science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction, has become an imprint of Rare Bird Books of Los Angeles.  Readers may recall that California Coldblood was the publisher behind The Odds, the debut novel of long-time FBC friend and colleague Robert J. Peterson.

Rare Bird Books is a Los Angeles-based independent publishing house formed by Rare Bird Lit founder and former Book Soup marketing and publicity director Tyson Cornell. Rare Bird Books has three imprints, A Barnacle Book, A Vireo Book, and Rare Bird Books, specializing in literary fiction, political nonfiction, crime, mystery, entertainment, narrative nonfiction, cooking, and humor.

As an imprint, California Coldblood Books' first release will be an updated version of The Odds, complete with an introduction, an interview with the author, as well as other new material.  The publisher is also accepting submissions from both agented and non-agented authors.  Full details regarding submissions may be found on the company's website.

The Fanboy Comics staff greatly looks forward to the new releases from California Coldblood Books, and we encourage our readers to visit the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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