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The first time I ever heard the term “film geek,” I was watching Quentin Tarantino on the Letterman show, doing the promotional rounds for Pulp Fiction.  At one point, in fact, Letterman screws up and refers to Quentin as a “film nerd.”  When corrected, a bemused Letterman asked, “Well, what’s the difference?”  

“A film geek has better taste,” Tarantino responded.


The HighwaysEddie Wallace is the new navigator for the hauler Carol Ann, which isn’t the prettiest ship, but she gets the job done. Navigation within the solar system, of course, mainly involves plotting trajectories that allow a ship to coast for weeks or months while the crew sleeps through it in stasis – there’s no faster-than-light travel here. Eddie’s never done any of this before – except in sims – and he is, at best, kind of clueless about the life he’s entering, crammed into a small ship with two other people for a long period of time. The better to explain every little thing to him, I suppose. This is John Byrne’s new series, The High Ways, a sci-fi adventure in the 21st century.



Mars Attacks GBWhen a title comes across my desk (or through an email as the case may be) with a name like Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters, you kind of have to answer the call and see just what in the heck a comic like this could be about. What exactly do these two franchises have in common? Why on Earth would the Ghostbusters ever come in contact with the aliens from Mars Attacks?

I'm glad you asked!


The Jedi Path eBook useLet me just start this off by saying that this is one of the coolest books I've ever seen. As a Star Wars fan, this book is a joy to behold. The Jedi Path is designed to be an artifact of a forgotten age of the Star Wars universe. It is a textbook written for use at the Jedi Academy during the time when Yoda was a youngling just starting his training. It was then passed down to one of Yoda's students, who then passed it on to his padawan, Count Dooku, who passed it on to Qui-Gon Jinn. Qui-Gon gave it to Obi-Wan, who gave it to Anakin, who gave it to Ahsoka Tanno. At some point, the book fell into the hands of Darth Sidious and was eventually recovered by Luke Skywalker. All of these Jedi have added their thoughts to the text, which adds a personal connection to the book.


Saga 9Marko and Alana have a lot of people after them, but none of these characters is more fascinating (in this reader's opinion) than the bounty hunter known as The Will. The Will and his trusty sidekick, Lying Cat's, story has been tightly connected to Marko and Alana's—Lying. (Don't pay her any mind.) What I meant was, largely separate from the main story so far, but it's time to finally put The Will into the game.

Saga #9 is a great payoff issue for fans of the series as it takes several dangling threads and starts to tie them together into a complicated and wonderful design. I think it's awesome that even the “secondary characters” in Saga can carry a whole issue and carry it strongly. This issue strikes a great balance between humor and action and has some of the best, and most subtle, character development I've ever seen in a comic.



Creator-Owned Heroes 8This is the end. The final issue of Creator-Owned Heroes. A noble experiment by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Steve Niles that I have had the pleasure of reading for the past 8 months, and the honor of reviewing for a few of those months. This book has been a lot of things. It is a magazine that combines original comic stories, experiments in storytelling, art, and design, and introspective interviews with independent comic book creators. It has served as an inspiration to indie comic creators like myself, and it has served as an example that great ideas don't always make it in today's industry.


Comeback 3Using time travel, Reconnect saves the lives of loved ones—for a modest price. Its agents are sent to the past to save the target in question before he or she is killed, and then brings them back to the present day to their loved ones. But, there's more going on with Reconnect than just simple extraction missions, as several Reconnect employees are about to find out.


Previews JanLast time, we talked about how important it is to pre-order your comics. Today, I'll be showing you how to pre-order your comics. There are essentially two ways to go about ordering your books: pull lists and the Diamond order form. We'll be talking about both, but focusing a lot more on the second.


One Trick RipoffI have to confess that one of my favorite sub-genres is the low level gang drama. I love it when these stories involve double and triple crosses and the contradiction of trying to maintain a sense of morality while operating outside the law. In case you haven’t guessed, Paul Pope’s The One Trick Rip-Off is this kind of book. It is a beautifully sad story of trying to escape the life of petty crime. Or it’s an action-packed character piece about a criminal who is willing to betray his colleagues to get ahead. Or it’s just a good story that fits into several genres without feeling trapped by any of them.


TODD 1It’s gotta be hard to be the ugliest kid on Earth, but Todd seems to take it all in stride. He is upbeat and friendly to everyone, but this is not Pollyanna. For one thing, Todd’s town is the haunt of a maniac killer. Also, everybody else seems to be immune to his charms. But, those charms seemed to have worked on me. Despite the fact that there are precisely zero other characters in this comic that are even slightly sympathetic, I enjoyed this book a great deal.

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