Justified S4FinaleFor the first four or five seasons, I was a huge fan of the Keifer Sutherland series 24.  It was a great suspense thriller, but after a number of seasons, its formula began to be its undoing.  For instance, there was always a mole at CTU.  For a super-sensitive counter-terrorist organization, CTU was rife with moles.  It got to be kind of comical, especially when a guy posing as an IT repairman was able to just sneak into the place and wreak all kinds of sabotage. 


Hothouse BruiserThe following is an interview with Joel Metzger, the creator and writer of the audio drama Hothouse Bruiser.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Metzger about the benefits of working with the audio drama format, the amazingly talented and experienced cast, and how fans can find more information and episodes of Hothouse Bruiser.

This interview was conducted on March 28, 2013.


Ghost Town 1The following is an interview with Dave Dwonch, Rob Ruddell, and Justin Greenwood, the creative team behind Action Lab: Danger Zone's new comic book series, Ghost Town.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Dwonch, Ruddell, and Greenwood about the inspiration for the new genre-bending series, the additional projects on top for the creators, and why Action Lab makes a great home for the creator-owned series.

This interview was conducted on March 26, 2013.



TALES OF DISCORD-Cover FRONTIn many ways, Tales of Discord plays out like a season of the show Lost. There’s a large ensemble cast and a number of concurrent storylines. There’s a present-day plotline, which is illuminated by flashbacks to the histories and origins of the various major characters. And, most importantly, it’s confusing to follow at times . . . but still addictively entertaining.


Stan Lees Power ConcertsThe legendary Stan Lee has been quite active in recent months with his company, POW! Entertainment, which develops, creates, and licenses intellectual property for the entertainment industry, with projects including Stan Lee's World of Heroes and Romeo & Juliet: The War, as well as TheRealStanLee.com.  Now, Stan "The Man" and POW! Entertainment have teamed up with MKC Entertainment to officially launch POW!er Concerts, a series of superhero-themed concerts that will bring live acts to military bases across the US.  Each and every show will benefit military organizations such as the Moral and Welfare programs, The Wounded Warriors Project, and the Semper Fi Fund, among many others.


Remember MeBy the year 2084, social media has evolved to the point that everyone is equipped with a memory-capturing implant called a SenseEm. People record what they see, hear, smell, feel, and taste and share their experiences with others. This is the core concept by which the setting of the first game from Dontnod Entertainment, Remember Me, is built. Nilin is a memory hunter, one of a select few who can alter the memories of targets with the right reasons, but when she wakes up with no memories of her own, she will have to piece together her past while going up against Memorize, manufacturer of SenseEm, and the most powerful company on the planet.


Finding DoryMy favorite part of Finding Nemo is the scene where Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) explains her short-term memory disorder to Marlin (Albert Brooks). “It runs in my family," she explains. “At least, I think it does . . . where are they?”

We’re about to find that out.

No Place Like Gnome SCCThe following is an interview with the comic book writer/artist team of Paul Chapman and Josh Hoye, who will be contributing their short story, "No Place Like Gnome," to the upcoming horror-themed anthology Skin Crawling Comics.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Chapman and Hoye about the real-life inspiration for the horror tale, the role of humor in even the scariest of stories, and their hopes for the future of Skin Crawling Comics and its impact on the comic book industry.

This interview was conducted on March 20, 2013.



Snow AngelSnow Angel is back! This one-shot issue continues the story by David Chelsea that began as a 24-Hour Comic and was published in the anthology Snow Stories. Snow Angel is a girl who when she makes a snow angel turns into a superpowered crime fighter.


Locke  Key Omega 4I would call Locke and Key Omega #4 a work in transition. Like being a middle child, being one of the middle books in a story arch is a difficult thing to be. You don’t have all the interesting personality hooks and cool nuances of the first book, and you lack the wow factor of the last book.

Do these things make #4 a bad book or the whole series bad? No, it just makes analyzing it a little different.

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