Angel and Faith 17This week saw the release of Angel & Faith #17 and the second part of Christos Gage’s "Death and Consequences" arc. I have been consistently and extremely complimentary of both Gage and artist Rebekah Isaacs’ work on Angel & Faith (mainly because their work has been consistently and extremely fantastic), but the current "Death and Consequences" arc is pushing us to a place in the season where not only is the plot of Angel & Faith hitting a new high point on almost every level, but so is Gage and Isaacs’ mastery of Joss Whedon’s characters and the now magic-less world in which they exist!



The HobbitEveryone wants to go back to the Shire.  That’s what The Lord of the Rings trilogy created, anyway: an intense desire to escape Middle America in lieu of Middle Earth. So, with The Hobbit, Peter Jackson tries to deliver the same magic he bandied with The Lord of the Rings in an effort to bring more narrative to Tolkien’s collective masterpiece. Unfortunately, it’s obvious he falls short from a myriad of issues – mainly length and characters - but in so doing still delivers an acceptable movie well worth the price of admission.


Les MiserablesA two-and-a-half-hour opera set during the French Revolution may not strike everyone as a great movie, but those naysayers are fools. Les Misérables is easily one of the best movies of the year.


PAINo matter what kind of creator an aspiring artist wants to become, honing natural talent and creative skills is essential in order to find artistic maturity and success. Rules need to be learned, if only then to be broken. Confidence must be built. Experience must be earned. The list goes on.

Paul Kampf, an accomplished actor and acting trainer, formed the Performing Arts Institute (P.A.I.) in order to help aspiring thespians work on their craft. His approach is unique, as he and the institute place a lot of emphasis in hands-on learning, especially through a program called Film Lab.

I had the chance to interview Paul and learn more about his background as an actor, his perspective on acting, and his acclaimed acting programs through P.A.I.

This interview was conducted on December 13, 2012.



Y The Last Man coverWay before I started having an active interest in most comic books, a very close friend of mine introduced me to this then-recently finished series.  I was pretty hesitant at first due to having only read certain comics before, but, at the encouraging of my friend, I read the series and really enjoyed it, not because of the artwork, but because of the “what if” scenario that played out.  I’m a bit of a sucker for “what if” scenarios, seeing where things might have gone had things been different in even the slightest fashion, so this really appealed to me on several levels; however, there were some things about it that did their best to keep me away from finishing it (both times I read through it), but the overall storytelling really kept me interested.  There’s been talk of making a feature film adaption, and I know there have been some fan-film productions already made, so I hope that they keep to the core of the series, even if they cut away a bit of the dressing.



GMS Dwarves 1When Peter Jackson’s first Lord of the Rings film opened in December of 2001, I began a long tradition of associating Tolkien stories with the holiday season. I read all the books. My father re-read them. And, for a few years, seeing one of The Lord of the Rings films with my dad became an important Christmas ritual.

This holiday season, I was excited to renew that tradition by seeing the newest Tolkien film, The Hobbit.  In preparation, I started reading the book, and I was pleased to discover that Mr. Bilbo Baggins is a foodie!


BW Moloch 2Edgar Jacobi, a.k.a. Moloch the Mystic, is a reformed supervillain who only wants to serve God and repent for his many sins, but unknown to him, his life has become a small piece in a much larger event.

I'm going to be up front with you. Do yourself a favor and count Moloch as a brilliant single issue and then go and read Watchmen again. This second part is well constructed but is another filler issue, adding nothing to the larger narrative.


The God Particle Complex flyerThe Large Hadron Collider.  The Higgs Boson.  Endeavour's retirement.  The Curiosity Rover.  SpaceX's first flight.  For any fellow science geeks who may be reading this article, I hope that you will join me in celebrating the myriad of scientific discoveries and milestones that filled 2012.  For those science geeks who are in the Los Angeles area, there is no better way to honor these momentous, new beginnings than to check out The God Particle Complex, a tragic one-act science farce about high energy particle physics, time travel, and the abrupt end of our universe.

BlackwoodAs avid supporters of indie comic book creators, the Fanboy Comics staff has been keeping a watchful and interested eye on the folks at Bleeding Ink Productions.  With a seemingly unending list of new titles being generated by the indie publisher, including last summer's announcment regarding their mini-series Blood-Moon, Bleeding Ink is at it again with a Kickstarter campaign for an ongoing horror series called Blackwood.

Girls with SlingshotsWorld of Webcomics is a series devoted to exploring the world of online comics and their target audiences, as well as their art styles, storylines, and the general enjoyment that they provide.

Over the years I have randomly come across webcomics that I normally wouldn’t have found, and Girls with Slingshots is one of those random finds.  At first it took a little bit of time to get into the story, but I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed the characters and the situations that they end up in—even though some of them are a little farfetched for a “slice-of-life” comic such as this (but, then again, I’ve read Real Life, so that’s not hard to imagine).  Danielle Corsetto does an excellent job of putting together a very emotional and funny comic that really captures my attention, and I look forward to reading the adventures of Hazel and her close friends; this comic has easily become one of my all-time favorites (and there aren’t that many that have).  Girls with Slingshots updates every weekday at


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