Doomsday.1 1When a massive solar flare hits the Earth, wiping away whole continents and oceans, only a select few groups are able to survive the catastrophe, including the team aboard the International Space Station. What's left behind? Can society start anew with so little? These are questions the few survivors are going to have to ask if they plan on living in a post-Doomsday world.


Dragon ResurrectionThe Chang family has long had a connection to dragons. Finding proof of their existence has been the goal of Jesse and Jack's father his entire career, but when he unearths the legendary blue dragon, Qing Long, and recovers some of its DNA, he and his children are about to change the world forever. The real story begins when Jack creates a serum able to alter the genetic code of a human and introduce animal traits in an effort to regain his ability to walk. When Curt Connors—I mean Jack's project attracts the attention of the U.S. Military, everything goes downhill from there as they start to combine the DNA from animals with soldiers to create more powerful soldiers.


Regular Show 1If you're a fan of Adult Swim or similar American cartoon humor, then Regular Show was designed with you in mind. Basically, some animals, a sentient gumball machine, a ghost, and a deformed, green person hang out together in a park and get themselves into trouble time and time again. This time, it's at a benefit concert that Muscle Man decides could do with some spicing up . . .


The Glass ParachuteIn the days before the internet, when sci-fi fans only dreamed of a vast social network with which to interact, commune, and bicker, one of the most delicious ways to satisfy your science fiction fix was to pick up one of the many hearty, science fiction anthologies available at your local bookstore or library. Many legendary writers have taken part in such collections, and this form of storytelling has also touched several successful franchises, including a good chunk of classic Star Wars Extended Universe anthologies. Well, Villipede Productions is now seeking their place in the stars of the anthology universe with their new and thrilling science fiction anthology, The Glass Parachute!


Dream Thief 1“What would you do if you woke up in a strange room and didn’t know where you were or what you did the night before to get there?”

What if it happened again . . . and again . . . until you were scared to fall asleep for fear of the blood you might shed once unconscious.  Dark Horse’s Dream Thief asks that question with chilling consequences.


Pathfinder Tales Pirates HonorIntrigue, deception, and adventure on the high seas. These are the things promised to readers of Pirate’s Honor, the latest Pathfinder Tales novel. Wonderfully, writer Chris A. Jackson delivers all of this and more in his delightful tale of an honorable pirate trying to pull of the biggest heist of his career. This book is an incredible mix of the standard sword and sorcery fare mixed with the kind of suspense and intrigue you’d expect from a Hollywood heist film like Ocean’s Eleven. What really make it special, though, is that Jackson has also snuck in a love story that simultaneously complicates the story and makes it so much more worthwhile.

DW The-Crimson-HorrorThere is no two ways about it, “The Crimson Horror” is a pretty bad episode. I wanted to like the episode, because I enjoy the Vastra Investigation team (Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax), and the promise of them meeting this new Clara sounded exciting. Everything just fell flat in this adventure, making it the weakest episode in Series 7 so far.


Arrested Dvlpt S4There are three huge movies opening on May 26. Two of them are sequels to monster box office franchises, The Hangover Part III and Fast and Furious 6. The other is Blue Sky’s animated family film Epic. Their previous films include the popular Ice Age series. Memorial Day weekend is going to be a massive one at the multiplex.

But, my interest that weekend is focused on another huge (yet unlikely) media event. On May 26, Netflix will begin streaming the new, 15-episode fourth season of the dearly departed Fox comedy Arrested Development. Like Serenity and next year’s Kickstarted Veronica Mars movie, a new season of Arrested Development is a godsend. It’s something that simply just shouldn’t exist. It’s a minor miracle. Personally, I plan on pulling an all-nighter to catch up with the dysfunctional Bluth family. With the possible exception of Man of Steel, I’m more excited about the new season of Arrested Development than I am any of the big summer movies this year.

Montys World 2Monty’s World is an anthology series that collects different stories from various creative teams all under the guiding hand of T. Warren Montgomery’s Will Lill Comics. These stories are a callback to the classic comics of yesteryear. They feature over-the-top characters making big speeches, wearing outrageuous costumes, and fighting dastardly villains. The stories are a lot of fun with just enough camp and corniness to be entertaining without going overboard.


VS Comics 4Oh, indie comics anthologies, how I love thee. You are the perfect place for creators to try out their darkest, silliest, or weirdest ideas. Where else can you find a dark and bloody vampire story followed up by a silly space adventure? Where else can you turn the page from an alternate reality WWII superhero tale to a gritty noir adventure? VS Comics is a new anthology that pushes the limit on what kinds of stories can be told through comics and delivers some real gems.

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