Mind MGMT V1For a book with the word “mind” in it, Mind MGMT requires a surprising amount of thought, go figure. This is a comic of conspiracies and intrigue and will require a second and maybe a third read to fully appreciate all the moving pieces.


Saga 12After being absent for issues, Prince Robot IV is back and still destined for the planet Quietus in an effort to anticipate Alana and Marko's next destination to meet famed author D. Oswald Heist. Like when The Will returned, it's good to have IV back in action.

LBCE 2013 FBC BannerDear Fanboy Comics Readers:

It's springtime once again, and with it comes the annual, one-day Long Beach Comic Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center.  Taking place on Saturday, May 11, 2013, this year's convention will bring you the latest in indie and mainstream comic books! 

Brought to you by the team behind the Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention (held each November), the LBCE may be small; however, it is packed with lots of comic books, writers, artists, and other creators.  Plus, all of your favorite LA-based indie creators will be in attendance, including Fanboy Comics!


Invincible Universe 1The world is still recovering from the aftermath of “The Death of Everyone,” and it is up to Cecil Stedman to return everything to the status quo. This issue picks up at the end of Invincible #100 and follows Cecil as he deals with the massive, world-wide cleanup.


bells-of-st-johns-doctor-who-poster-247x350At WonderCon this year, I had the pleasure of attending a screening of the latest Doctor Who episode, “The Bells of Saint John.”  Being able to see the episode on the big screen with a throng of fellow fans was quite an enjoyable experience.


Bates Motel MFT"We all go a little mad sometimes." - Norman Bates

Ain't that the truth?  I was so mad when I heard they were making a show called Bates Motel.  I figured it was A&E jumping on the success train of hour-long horror dramas ignited by Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, as Hollywood is cannibalistic. If a fresh idea is successful, they must suck dry the last ire of moisture from the creative marrow.  Although over-the-top and eye roll worthy at times, Fox's The Following is a welcome addition to the horror trend tip. It's a knock off of Silence of the Lambs meets Sister Wives, but intriguing nonetheless. So, I figured, what the heck?  I'll give Bates Motel a shot.  It's a great concept.  If they do it right, it could be killer!


Roadkill du JourMotorcycles, magic, vengeance, voodoo, and roadkill.  All of these things and more make up the new comic book series Roadkill du Jour by writer Kevin LaPorte (Inverse Press' Clown Town), artist Shawn Harbin (BSX22 Studios' The Dungeon Comic), and colorist Laura Guzzo (Action Lab's PrinceLess). If you like your comics dark and gritty with a splash of black magic thrown in for good meausre, then this is the series for you.   In the latest Kickstarter campaign from Inverse Press, Roadkill du Jour is a tale of motorcycle gangs in a mystic bayou world, clashing in an explosion of vengeance and voodoo.  


Angel  Faith 20At WonderCon 2013, Fanboy Comics President Bryant Dillon catches up with writer Christos Gage (Angel & Faith) regarding the final fate of Giles, the latest fan controversy dealing with Spike and Angel's treatment of Harmony, and speculation on who from the Marvel universe should take on the dark slayer and the vampire with a soul.









Roger Ebert*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

I was a high school teacher for ten years, and it had occurred to me once that developing and teaching a film studies course would be a good idea.  I did all my due diligence, developed a curriculum and syllabus, and arranged to meet with the school board to pitch my idea.  I was worried about one thing: frequently in the Midwest, it seems people don’t always realize the importance of studying the arts.  I was nervous the board wouldn’t see film as a legitimate thing to study.

SlashDear Fanboy Comics Readers:

If you are an indie horror film fan, you will not want to miss the upcoming film Slash, which will begin filmining this summer in New Mexico.  Slash is a story about young people who see their friends butchered around them. They must deal with each other’s violent fantasies and face their own demons . . . or die trying!

For more information regarding the film, please see the official press release below or visit www.slashflick.com.

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