Plate Mail Games logoIf you are anything like me, you have played a lot of tabletop RPGs in your lifetime. Over the years, you’ve collected miniatures, battle maps, and all sorts of other tools to improve your gaming experience. The one thing I’ve never been able to get right is audio accompaniment to add to the game. I’ve tried adding movie soundtracks or fantasy music to create a mood, but there have always been issues where the wrong song comes on at the wrong time and suddenly the love theme starts playing during your villain’s big speech, causing the players to break character in fits of laughter.


PVP 3The eagerly anticipated Penguins vs Possums #3 was released last weekend at WonderCon 2013, and it is awesome! I feel like the PvP team is getting better with each issue. Sebastian Kadlecik, who co-wrote and did all pencilling and most of the inking for this issue, handles the various fight scenes with a joy and intensity that is completely engaging. From the very first splash page, you know you are in for a treat! John Bring who co-wrote, did some of the inking and drew the hilariously thrilling cover, has absolutely worked magic with his vivid gray tones. And then, there is Lindsay Calhoon, the book’s editor and the last piece of this Voltron writing team, who, together, have created another chapter in this epic action saga.


Avatar The Promise P3At WonderCon 2013, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Kristine Chester talks with writer Gene Yang regarding his feelings on the live-action film adaptation, the comic's connection to The Legend of Korra, and more.










22099At WonderCon 2013, Fanboy Comics President Bryant Dillon chats with Husbands creators Jane Espenson and Brad Bell regarding the newly released Husbands graphic novel, taking Husbands on tour, and their exciting announcement regarding Husbands and The CW.









Sledgehammer 44 - 2Sledgehammer 44 follows a small unit of soldiers in WWII who suddenly find themselves in possession of the most powerful weapon in the war. They are also being pursued by a much larger German force. This might be my favorite kind of story. This comic focuses on a group of regular GIs, who are out of their depth and dealing with giant robot suits and Nazi super-weapons. I love a good everyman-in-a-super-powered-world story, and I also love a good war story. This combination has the potential to be incredible and it more than delivers here.


Criminal Macabre Cal McDonald V1First off, this is a massive tome of comics and stories. Coming in at a meaty 560 pages, The Cal McDonald Casebook Vol. 1 might take you a while to read. This volume contains a wide variety of stories of Cal McDonald, a private investigator who specializes in the creatures that go bump in the night. This collection contains seven tales consisting of six comics and a novella that focus on different bizarre cases that Cal has come across. These stories don't read like an episode of a television show, but instead like a full case from a novel series, complete with plenty of twists and turns in a condensed space that lend these stories an impressive feeling of momentum and energy.


Sex 2The heroes have lost.

Comic book publishers now repeat this same story: superheroes not only fight a never-ending battle, but they fight a victory-less battle marked by perpetual moral defeat. The proof lies in the fact that month after month, issue after issue, a new villain or familiar foe rises up once again. Their dastardly plans might be foiled for now, but they will return again, stronger and more deadly. Next time, they just might claim a loved one as a casualty. The victory of good over evil is short-lived and meaningless. The very fact that a new story needs to be published every month has led to this overall theme within the stories themselves, and now the heroes are in on the nihilism.


DD Cutter 1Khazid'hea, or Cutter, is a sentient magical sword that's made appearances in the Forgotten Realms novels for years. This insidious sword has driven many a good person to their death by exerting its influence over them, and now the blade is about to find a new wielder, but will they be strong enough to put the sword's will in check or be consumed by it and become a force of death and destruction?


Colonized 1It feels wrong to say that The Colonized has a lot in common with the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space, but it's technically true. The cult classic by Ed Wood has become so known for its pervasive awfulness and hilarious continuity errors that such a comparison would seem like I was saying The Colonized is somehow a bad or laughable piece. This is far from the case. But, they share some common plot points: aliens coming to Earth, finding a bunch of despicable and violence-loving humans, and resurrecting the dead.


Doctor Who Classic S5E2Doctor Who Classics #2 takes another old adventure from issues of Doctor Who Magazine, colorizes it, and assembles it into comic form. "Invaders from Gantac" is a three-part arc which has the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy on the television series) stumbling into an alien invasion as only the Doctor can stumble.

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