Weird RomanceAlthough Valentine's Day is long past, I couldn't not share more Sparrow & Crowe stories with you. Weird Romance is more timely than the other holiday-themed entries thus far, being all about different wacky romance situations our plucky occult detectives have found themselves in over the years and simply put, some of my favorite Sparrow & Crowe stories to date are in this anthology.


Wolves of Summer 2“Live faithfully, fight bravely, and die laughing.”
-motto of the Hitler Youth

Chapter 2 of Alterna’s chilling and challenging work, Wolves of Summer, has arrived, and the story continues to evolve, to grow more resonant and disturbing.


How to Sneak Your MonsterThere are very few books that do exactly what they advertise. How to Sneak Your Monster into School, by Chris Francis, is one of those books. The story is presented in a neat format, where every page is another step in a complicated plan.

47 Ronin 4The fourth issue of the classic tale has come to light, showing just how close to the end we are. Very soon we shall see the completion of an oath of loyalty and fealty that goes beyond simple honor; an oath of family and obligation above all else. Soon, it will all end . . . dun dun dun!.


The Way Back WhenThe Way, Way, Back stars Liam James as Duncan, a young, quiet teen grappling with identity issues and lacking a strong sense of self. To his detriment, his mother Pam (Toni Collette) is in a semi-serious relationship with Trent (Steve Carell). Yes, this time around, Steve Carell basically plays a jerk. Trent lacks a strong sense of self, like Duncan, but as an adult, he uses his status to talk down to Duncan and pretty much everyone around him. Despite Duncan’s lack of enthusiasm on the matter, he, his mom, sister, and Trent head down to Trent’s beach house for a hopeful summer of relaxation and fun.


Hunger-Games-Cake“I kept telling myself if I could just hold out until May, just May 8th, I would turn twelve and be able to sign up for the tessarae and get that precious oil and grain to feed us.”

Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games (pg. 27-28)

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

May 8th is the day that Panem welcomed everybody’s favorite Girl on Fire into the world. Today is the day we celebrate the birthday of Katniss Everdeen of District 12 (and The Hunger Games). The staff at FBC couldn’t be happier than to wish her an enjoyable and, hopefully, non-violent day, free of tessarae concerns and full of a chorus of mockingjays singing that classic b-day tune and, one imagines, a delicious cake courtesy of the Mellark Bakery. (It pays to know someone on the inside . . . especially when it involves frosting!)

Mike PThe following is an interview with Mike Pisciotta, a magician performing at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Pisciotta about his introduction to the art of magic, becoming a member of the prestigious Magic Castle, and what guests can expect for a night at the members-only clubhouse.

This interview was conducted on May 1, 2013.



Night of the 80s undeadDude. DUDE! This party is going to be gnarly to the max! Like, totally tubular, like, no groady D-bags to C-block us, just, like, bodacious bods wall to wall up in our facials! So radical! I'm psyched!

In the years of my youth, this would not be an uncommon sentence to hear, especially if you were hanging out at the coolest place ever, the symbol of Reaganomics that was totally righteous, The Mall. Drop a few quarters at the arcade, cruise on some chicks at the food court, and, since you're already there, grab a burger served up in that most convenient of containers, styrofoam, sold by someone forced to wear a 6-inch large hat emblazoned with the establishment's logo. Rev up your Camero, it's time to roll. Just scrape the zombie brains off the car, bra, and take a chill pill. Frankie sez relax.


I Dont Want to Go to SleepIt's been a long day and though it's bed time, these kids don't want to go to sleep, because sleeping is boring and they want to have fun, so the moon politely explains all the ways sleeping can be just as much fun through the children's dreams.

LBCE 2013 FBC Banner

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

The FBC staff is very excited to be exhibiting at Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend, alongside a number of other talented independent creators!  Taking place on Saturday, May 11th, at the Long Beach Convention Center, the annual event is a celebration of comic books and pop culture that showcases the exceptional works of talented writers, artists, illustrators, and creators of all pop culture genres.

Fans in attendance will have a chance to stop by the Fanboy Comics table (#6001) to meet the creators of the graphic novels Something Animal and Identity Thief and to pick up their very own signed copies.  Attendees will also be able to purchase the official Fanboy Comics t-shirt, so that they can show their geek pride in style.

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