Myth Masque 2013Are you looking for the most elegant and fantastical evening of high fashion and imagination?  Then, you will not want to miss MYTH Masque, an annual masquerade ball at VIBIANA on Saturday, May 25th, starting at 6 p.m. The evening will unfold in a visually striking, immersive environment. Guests will enjoy a high-end evening of dress up, music, dancing, performances, drinks, hors d'oeuvres, tantalizing treats, and photo-ops, along with other key highlights.  


Princeless V2 I3Knights, dragons, elves, wolves, swords, and sorcery. If you’re like me, you love all that stuff. I remember growing up and reading this picture book about King Arthur so much that the binding fell apart. I would imagine myself as the brave knight riding up to defeat the dragon and save everyone. This fantasy was easy for me to put myself into, because, like the heroes in most of those books, I was a white male. It wasn’t until I got older, and my sphere of friends grew, that I met someone who was just as into those kinds of stories but wasn’t like me. I started to play roleplaying games with friends who were women, who were gay, who were from all manner of different races and backgrounds. I started to learn that it was tough for them, because there were so few heroes like them in the stories.


Lobster Johnson Satan RatI love Lobster Johnson. It is a comic book with a silly premise that wholeheartedly embraces its roots. Lobster Johnson is an uncompromising superhero without powers fighting the supernatural in the '30s. The comic can be either hilarious, good fun or dramatic and occasionally tragic. This issue is one of the more somber ones.


Mind MGMT 11How bad is it when the most powerful psychic in the world and the man who can flawlessly predict the future are in over their heads? It’s the best comic book on the shelves this month.


Akaneiro 1The Red Hunters have long protected Yomi Island from the threat of the Yokai demons, even if the peace-loving Ainu believe the demons are in fact benevolent spirits. This dispute over how to handle the Yokai threatens to break the tenuous alliance between the two peoples when the Red Hunters slay a Yokai in the middle of an Ainu spiritual ceremony! A young girl, Kani, is only half-Ainu, and so she volunteers to join the Red Hunters and bridge the gap between the two peoples and their different outlooks before they separate forever.


SW Legacy 3On the run from Imperial agents, Ania, Sauk, and AG-37 flee the Carreras system in AG's freighter with Imperial fighters hot on their trail. While the “theft” and possession of an Imperial Knight's lightsaber is taken seriously, once the property has been returned, you wouldn't think blasting someone out of the sky would be next on their agenda.


Mumbai Confidential CoverI’m not a noir expert, but I’ve seen the classics: Chinatown, The Maltese Falcon, Touch of Evil, Out of the Past.  You get the idea.  I love this genre, I love the thrills, I love the characters, the twists, the violence, and treachery.  It’s a genre where nothing means what you think it means, and everyone has a secret, a dark past, and ulterior motives. It’s a genre with a deep and ongoing history, and Archaia’s new hardcover graphic novel, Mumbai Confidential, from writer Saurav Mohapatra and artist Vivek Shinde is an inky, burning fuse of a story that deserves a place alongside the classics.


The Massive 12Have you ever had a comic book make you cry? No, I don’t mean cry out of anger, because your favorite character lost his silly, red undies and looks stupid now. I also don’t mean I laughed so hard I cried. I mean how many times has a comic been filled with such raw, genuine emotion that you cried? That you put the book down and wanted to go out, do something, and be a better person. I can count maybe three or four times in my 15 years or so of reading comics that a comic book has truly made me cry. Brian Wood’s The Massive is now on that list.


DW S7E12It probably does not come as a surprise to most people, but “Nightmare in Silver” has been the one episode this series that I have been most looking foreword to.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers, and his previous episode, “The Doctor's Wife”, is Doctor Who's best episode. Most people point to “Blink” as the best episode and it is great; however, “The Doctor's Wife” managed to completely change the history of the show with a few seemingly simple brush strokes. It reshapes how the audience sees every single episode in the 50-year history and manages to make them more meaningful.

The Steam Engines of OzThe popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter has given a voice to independent creators and entrepreneurs throughout the world, providing them with a platform to share their projects and ideas with a larger audience.  In addition, Kickstarter has empowered audiences with the ability to lend their support to causes in which they believe. By providing individuals with the opportunity to donate their hard-earned money to specific projects in order to ensure their success, people are truly making a difference in the world around them.  For that reason, the new Kickstarter campaign for Arcana's graphic novel, The Steam Engines of Oz, is even more impactful, as it imparts a strong message about how people, regardless of where they come from, or their station in life, can affect change in a larger world.

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