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Wild Blue YonderWelcome to Wild Blue Yonder, a high-flying, post-apocalyptic adventure series created by the team of writer Mike Raicht, artist Zach Howard, and Austin Harrison under their Noble Transmissions banner, and released by IDW. Originally developed as a Kickstarter project in order to raise funds to pay artist Zach Howard, so he could take the time off from paid work to focus on drawing the creator-owned, five-issue miniseries, the project met its goal, and beyond, and the comic was picked up by IDW as an ongoing title.


The Third DateThe Third Date, now playing at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, is a one-act play about that awkward stage in dating, after you’ve gotten past the initial “getting to know you” small talk, but before you’re entirely comfortable letting the other person past the barriers that that small talk is meant to maintain. During the early period when you’re still mainly trying to make a good impression, but past the point where you can convincingly keep that impression going.


Lost Tribe of the SithStar Wars as a universe contains the potential for many different stories covering different eras and genres and recasting heroes and villains again and again. The Lost Tribe of the Sith demonstrates this aptly. A group of Sith crashed long ago on the planet Kesh and have had to get by ever since. Though some knowledge of the Dark Side has been lost over the years, many of the core Sith tenets, including the ambition and struggle for power, remain ever present. It's this goal of power that is about to lead Parlan Spinner, a slave-born con artist, and Takara Hilts, a daughter of royalty denied every right and privilege of her family, on an adventure that will forever change the landscape of Kesh.


Danger Girl Trinity 3The plot thickens as Abbey Chase and the two Savage sisters each become further embroiled in their respective predicaments in Danger Girl: Trinity #3. This issue sees Abbey forced into recovering a mysterious royal heirloom for a nefarious ruler, while Sydney Savage follows close behind in an attempt to rescue her, and Sonya Savage continues trying to get out of the Congo with her bounty in tow. Describing the plot is kind of pointless at this point, not because the plot itself is incidental (as can sometimes be the case with this kind of action/adventure story), but simply because we’re three quarters of the way through the story now. If you’re not caught up, you really should just start from the beginning.


KillogyWhen I rolled out of bed this afternoon, I was feeling a bit under the weather.  Lesson learned: never try to out drink someone who talks like a pirate.   I staggered to the kitchen and threw together three key ingredients (4 really) on some Wonder Bread, and now I feel almost human.  Human enough to write this review anyway.  I gotta tell you, a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (with Mayo) can really take the edge off of an epically bad idea of a night.  It’s like magic food.

Where am I going with this?  Killogy’s trade paperback is coming out, and I’m going to tell you if you should read it or not.  It’s written by Alan Robert.  It’s illustrated by Alan Robert.  It makes comic review writing easier when there is only 1 guy involved in a comic:  thank you, Mr. Robert, for simplifying my painful afternoon.  Also, thank you for your “comfort food comic.”

Bloomers BWThroughout last week, I posted reviews of Bloomers, a new online sitcom that puts a humorous, heartfelt, and modern spin on life in the big city. I greatly enjoyed making my way through Season 1 and the first two episodes of Season 2, and I recently caught up with the remainder of the second season (in advance of Wednesday’s release of Episode 8). Each episode of Season 2 continues to focus more heavily on individual members of the cast; however, Episode 7 sets up quite a few cliffhangers that will leave viewers counting down the hours until Wednesday, June 19th.


Saga V2The comic book Saga is one of the best books I have read in years. I say that with no levity; it is an incredible menagerie of writing and art, and I personally feel that if the comic continues the way it has been going, it stands a good chance of being the next The Walking Dead.


BPRD Hell on Earth 108The Wasteland storyline is a three-part series that continues the Hell on Earth series. Needless to say, Issue #2 immediately follows Issue #1, but it is not without some backstory that basically informs us that Liz Sherman travelled to the mysterious underground city of Argatha (located in Antarctica) and, in an attempt to eliminate the Black Flame, ignited a massive fire that destroyed the city, but also created a major rift in the earth and ever since then, well, all sorts of nasties have been crawling out for the B.P.R.D to deal with.

'Domovoi:' Advance TPB Review


DomovoiDomovoi is a new graphic novel from Dark Horse, the company that gives us Hellboy and B.P.R.D., and while it could easily fit in the world of those titles, Domovoi tells its own unique, supernatural, familial tale.  Written and illustrated by Peter Bergting, this is a story where the supernatural is literally supernatural.  All of the characters populating this Eastern European world (No specific location is given, but the names of the characters, monsters, and otherworldly beings are largely Eastern European and based on that region’s folklore.) are more than familiar with the supernatural, and with magic as well.


BloodhoundBloodhound was originally published by DC Comics and was set in that universe, but recently Dark Horse has compiled the old issues (omitting some issues that featured DC-owned characters) into this trade - Brass Knuckle Psychology - to coincide with the new batch of Bloodhound stories by Dan Jolley as part of the Dark Horse Presents line of comics.

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