The following is an interview with Jake and Lexi Medina of the new game company Existence Games. In this interview, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Kristine Chester chats with the Medinas about their Trading Card Game, Exodus. The Medinas also have a video tutorial on how to play Exodus located here.

This interview was conducted on October 30, 2013.

Jasper Fadden had it all: a sweet mullet, a good job at a record shop, and a Veggie Mart within biking distance. That is until he got bit by a vampire and lost everything. (Okay, he got to keep the sweet mullet.) His refusal to eat meat and animal byproducts will be tested like never before as he begins to crave human blood.

The following is an interview with Robert Paul Weston and Zack Lydon, the creators behind The Creature Department, a groundbreaking, new children's novel that is being released in stores today. 

The Creature Department tells the story of a world where creatures are real and live in hidden laboratories. Weston, an award-winning author partnered with Academy Award-winning special effects studio Framestore (and illustrator Lydon) and renowned Penguin Young Readers Group to create a book that allowed readers to explore the world of the creatures through a wide array of visual assets.  Illustrations, animations, and sketches of the creatures and their inventions will glow on the cover, appear throughout the book, take you to websites, and even interact with readers through vlogs.

In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Weston and Lydon about their inspiration for this amazing project, the process of collaborating on an illustrated novel, and the new projects on which they are currently working.

This interview was conducted on November 4, 2013.

Twelve-year-old Aurora Grimeon’s life was turned upside down when her parents died suddenly after accidentally using death’s head mushrooms in a pasta sauce. She only survived the poisoning because a mysterious benefactor treated her with thistle milk, an herbal option not allowed in the US. Now, the young girl is being transported to her grandfather’s home on the remote Ossuary Isle, a tiny locale in the southern swamps created as a burial ground. The locals live to care for the graves, and outsiders are eyed with suspicion. Aurora must learn to accept local hoodoo traditions and find her place in this strange new society. It’s slow going for the metropolitan child, but when a supernatural threat from the distant past threatens everyone on the island, Miss Grimeon may be the only one with the strength to take it down.

At Comikaze Expo 2013, Fanboy Comics' Barbra Dillon chats with Maria Collis and Erik Lundmark, the producers behind MovieMaze™, a new app for choose-your-own-adventure style movies.  In addition, actress Darcy Donovan joins the crew to share her experiences with MovieMaze's first film, The Mechanic.  Collis, Lundmark, and Donovan will attend the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA, on Sunday, November 10.

Android users can download the MovieMaze™ app here.  iPhone and iPad users can get the app on iTunes.

These are not the droids you were expecting.

I keep falling into this trap. I keep thinking that I know where The Star Wars is going, and I keep being surprised. The comic is based on George Lucas’ first draft of Star Wars, before he stripped out the craziest ideas. (This review will go much smoother if we all agree that Star Wars is super crazy, and that is one of the reasons that we like it.) So, if the movie counts as sane, how awesomely bonkers was the first draft? It was the best thing ever.

Bandette is a story about thievery, justice, small dogs, narrow escapes, and also capes, because all of these things matter to Bandette, a flamboyant costumed thief who is in the game as much for the enjoyment of a good heist as the money. With the help of her loyal friends, the Urchins, Bandette steals valuable paintings, stops other, less sporting, criminals as a favor to Inspector Belgique, and stays one step ahead of her enemies.

Welcome to Innovation, the brainchild of writer Wes Locher, in which Radical Development Scientific Laboratories Inc. (R.D.S.L.) is crafting the future, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  This is an anthology series of sorts, with each issue containing four stories written by Locher, with art by four different artists, and all in way or another relating to R.D.S.L.  In this premiere issue, Locher does a solid job of setting up the ambiguity of R.D.S.L., portraying the corporation as mysterious, subversive, progressive, and highly successful and intelligent.  This is a future you aren’t sure you want to be a part of, where you may be a guinea pig without even knowing it and where humans and advanced technology coexist, though often flawed by human error.

Fanboy Comics' Bryant Dillon chats with comic artist Georges Jeanty (Buffy: Season 8, Joker's Daughter) about his new gig on Dark Horse's Serenity: Leaves on the Wind miniseries, the struggles with spaceship setting, and what may be in the future for our favorite pack of Browncoats.

The Fanboy Comics staff and the creators behind The Arcs introduce the epic graphic novel that focuses on the fates of the last archangels in Heaven.

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