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King Conan Hour of the Dragon 2King Conan: The Hour of the Dragon is an adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s only Conan novel into two six-issue miniseries, brought to the comic page by writer Timothy Truman, artists Tomás Giorello and José Villarrubia, and with lettering by Richard Starkings and Comicraft. Issues one and two of The Hour of the Dragon are the first Conan comics I have ever really sat down and read, and what is fantastic about this title is that from the script to the art, to even the lettering, you feel as if you have unearthed a treasure that was created during the true age of pulp comics, and that gives a great sense of authenticity to the telling of this tale. Another interesting piece of history is that the novel was released first in 1935 as a five-part serial in the pulp magazine Weird Tales, until being published in its original format in 1950. That being said, Dark Horse publishing The Hour of the Dragon as a comic book miniseries is in line with how readers would have first experienced the tale, albeit now with gorgeous illustrations, each page within this issue so striking that any one of them could be used as the cover.   


Pathfinder Player Companion Kobolds of GolarionKobolds have long competed with goblins for the bottom of the monster food chain, but no longer! This latest Player Companion from Paizo Publishing gives an inside look into the workings of kobold kind, explaining their connections to dragons, love of traps, lifespan, different tribes within Golarion, and far more! Unlike some of the Player Companions, I can see this one being especially useful to GMs with its focus on traps, dragon worshipers, and making these typically low-level monsters far more dangerous to an adventuring party.


Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard v2 1In the world of Mouse Guard, mice have a society, a collection of medieval towns that make up The Territories. While the Guard are off driving away predators and securing safe pathways for merchants, the mice of the Territories work hard in their own way and deserve some entertainment. This is where the biannual story contest at the June Alley Inn in Barkstone comes into play.



Pathfinder Castles of the Inner SeaCastles. They're far more than a collection of stone and mortar; they are the setting of legends. The meeting place for a group of knights, the final battlefield of a war, the neglected dark fortress that houses great evil; castles come in all shapes and sizes and each of them has a story to tell. Castles of the Inner Sea tells the story of six fantastic castles for use in your Pathfinder campaign.


The Chronicles of Conan V24The Chronicles of Conan is an ongoing collection published by Dark Horse of the original Conan the Barbarian comics produced by Marvel Comics from 1970-1993 and which ran for 275 issues, and the Conan the Barbarian Annual, which ran for 12 issues from 1973-1987.  Volume 24: Blood Dawn and Other Stories collects the Conan the Barbarian Annual #11 and Conan the Barbarian #182-189.  This collection is made up largely of one story arc, though it does dip back into events that took place in the previous collection, Well of Souls and Other Stories, but since these comics were originally published in this same order, writer James Owsley fills us in on what happened in those earlier issues to remind us if we had forgotten and to inform us if we simply had not read those issues.  It was actually interesting to see a straight adventure comic like Conan have stories with long-reaching consequences and as I was sucked deeper into the world of Conan, it became apparent these comics were more of an ongoing, unfolding journey than mere standalone adventures cobbled together.


The Last of Us AD 3Ellie and her friend Riley are sick and tired of Boston and its safe, militarized zone and strict rules, and they are looking for a way out; a way to join up with the Fireflies, an anarchist group trying to change the world. Ellie and Riley find themselves in the middle of a firefight between the two groups and, well, you'll see.


Akaneiro 2With the Akane and Ainu people at one another's throats, Kani, a girl with a foundation among both groups, offers to act as the intermediary and join the Order of Akane; however, on her way to meet with the rest of the order, she is tricked into the claws of some of the Yokai (demons) masquerading as the order of Akane.


Amalas Blade 3Amala is an assassin, the greatest in the land, and she's been sent forth on a suicide mission; one that could lead to another war between the Modifier and Purifier peoples. Little does she know, this is but one layer of a much larger and more complicated game.


DW Prisoners of Time 6Prisoners of Time is doing something very unusual. Every issue of this comic follows a new incarnation of The Doctor, but they are still telling one continuous story. According to math, we have made it to the sixth Doctor and two of his companions, Peri the human and Frobisher the shapeshifting penguin. To be fair, Frobisher is not really a penguin, but he spends most of his time in the shape of one. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, this is a silly comic. It is also a very fun comic that introduces a new wrinkle into the ongoing plot.

BleedbackThe year is 2065 and technology has developed to a dangerous level of dependency when a phenomenon known as bleedback starts, a seepage of virtual reality into the real world. Andrei is brilliant when it comes to robots, but instead of taking a legitimate position he finds himself working as a breaker, a specialized hacker of robots, when the wrong job comes along resulting in his daughter being kidnapped by a shadowy military group and Andrei starts to suffer from the effects of bleedback.

Bleedback – The End is Nigh is a 30-page, full-color comic and is the first of a five-part story created by writer Scott Nihill, editor Riley Adams, artist Giovanni Valletta, and colorist and letterer Jeremy Mohler. While issue #1 is complete, the team is currently raising funds for later issues in the series through Kickstarter.

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