My favorite type of horror is the slow burn psychological style. So, I really enjoyed the two bite-sized morsels of disturbing I got to play this week. Sepulchre and Home are both old-school adventure horror games that have a lot of impact.

Ahoy, Fanboy Comics mateys!

Avast! 'Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and ye FBC friends will be grabbing a grog after pillaging a village or two to celebrate this day to its fullest.

Fanboy hearts were all aflutter after Justin Bieber tweeted a supposed script to Superman/Batman with his name on it. A whirlwind of speculation had spun whether the polarizing pop star had been tapped to play Robin against Ben Affleck's controversial casting as Batman. Holy Hannah!

At first I joined the chorus of those who would say thee nay . . . Then, after I thought about it, I thought, "Wow! That's kind of genius!"

World of Webcomics is a series devoted to exploring the world of online comics and their target audiences, as well as their art styles, storylines, and the general enjoyment that they provide.

I’m not sure if, or when, I’ll ever have children, and I know from my own childhood how creative and overactive a child can be, but that’s nothing compared to the antics of this young kid.  Full of imagination, a desire to entertain, and in love with the idea of acting, Max is a child who quite often lets his overdramatic tendencies define who he is and the people in his life.  If anyone has ever watched Dennis the Menace, you’ll find that this boy is way more of a disturbance to everyday life for his teacher, his family, and his next-door neighbor.  Max Overacts updates every Monday at


Okay, so it’s called The Mushroom Murders.  Not the most compelling name for a series of comics that make up one BIG graphic novel.  When I “volunteered” (My editor can be cruel. I love my editor!) to review The Mushroom Murders, I expected some cop comic with a gritty detective and maybe a hot girl and a twisted killer who may have connections to something supernatural or weird.  I was mostly wrong.  I also expected to be bored.  I was totally wrong.

While many indie comics (especially brand spankin’ new superhero comics) don’t make it past the first issue, it’s hard to keep a dead man down. With the release of two new, exciting books featuring their original superhero, The Night Watchman, creators Dave Kelly and Lara Antal continue to secure a place for their shadowy defender of justice among the other capes and masks that fill the comic book world.


Morning Glory Academy touts itself as an elite prep school located in New York that helps students reach their potential through encouraging independent thought, resilience, and self-sufficiency. Only the most exceptional individuals are chosen to join the student body, and families are strongly encouraged to cut all ties with those enrolled; however, something dark lurks inside the academy’s walls, and students begin to rebel against the teachers and other authority figures. What is Morning Glory’s real goal, and what is their real purpose in harboring young talent in one place?

Get ready for irreverent, super heroic hilarity in Knuckleheads Issues 1 – 3 from Monkeybrain Comics, my favorite digital comics publisher. The loose, goofy, action-packed, neon-infused story of Knuckleheads comes from writer Brian Winkeler and artist Robert Wilson IV, and the look of the book is rounded out with colors from Jordan Boyd and lettering by Thomas Mauer. Originally created by Winkeler and Wilson IV in 2010 as a single issue print comic, Knuckleheads is getting a fantastic, new life as a digital comic, and the creators definitely play to the format’s strengths, especially with their bold, eye-catching covers. I noticed this right away, and my opinion was validated at the end of issue two where Wilson IV discusses how they came up with the style and look of their covers. Everything inside the issue is a blast, too, and there is an excellent balance between comedy and action . . . and most of the action is comedic, as well.  I would expect nothing less from a pink robe, goggles, and boxer shorts-wearing superhero, nicknamed ‘The Crystal Fist’ and/or ‘The Human Joystick,’ depending on if you’re talking to his best friend Lance or their new friend, Pizza Guy.

CDI is a corporation bent on world destruction, which it slowly accomplishes with the help of cybernetically enhanced soldiers called SHOC troops; however, some of these cyborgs rather like the world and have banded together to save it through the power of brute force.

Special forces cyborgs called SHOCs are sent around the world to accomplish missions for CDI, the company that transformed them into the perfect killing machines. But, something is amiss at CDI; SHOCs are going AWOL and only a girl and her dog are in a position to uncover the truth.

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