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How much would you be willing to risk for freedom? Seventeen-year-old Yulia has been on the run with her mother and younger brother ever since her father disappeared five years ago, destroying their comfortable life as high-ranking Party scientists; however, the KGB doesn’t want Yulia because of her parents’ previous positions. They want her ability to read memories from inanimate objects. When she is captured and taken to the hidden KGB school for young psychics, Yulia is faced with a harsh choice: should she fight to live her life as freely even at the expense of her mother and brother or accept the life the Party dictates for people with her special abilities? Set in Soviet Moscow in 1963 and 1964, author Lindsay Smith explores the nature of true choice on a backdrop of the Cold War and Space Race.

Fanboy Comics' Bryant Dillon chats with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell about the duality of Deathlok, the Clairvoyant's path for Season 1, and more at the PaleyFest red carpet in Hollywood, CA.

Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will soon be releasing the original graphic novel Beautiful Scars on Wednesday, April 2nd, written and illustrated by D. S. Talon and E. G. Thompson. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an exclusive advance preview of the book!

Fanboy Comics' Bryant Dillon chats with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor Iain De Caestecker (Leo Fitz) about his desire to see the early years of Fitz and Simmons, action scenes vs. techno babble, and more at the PaleyFest red carpet in Hollywood, CA.

Fanboy Comics' Sam Rhodes chats with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma Simmons) about her initial audition process, action scenes vs. techno babble, and more at the PaleyFest red carpet in Hollywood, CA.

“Laws change, depending on who’s making them -- Cardassians one day, Federation the next.  But, justice is justice.”  -- Constable Odo

The quote above is pretty stunning.  It’s not the kind of thing you would see in any other installment in the Star Trek franchise, unless it came out of the mouth of a villain or maybe a guest star whose opinion of Starfleet would change before the credits rolled.  Here, it’s coming from a series regular -- the station’s security officer, Odo -- and he’s basically saying that the laws of our heroic utopia and a brutally oppressive regime, who regarded war crimes as an icebreaker, are the same.  It’s a pretty important window into Odo, who, for the first two episodes, was something of an enigma.  He’s center stage in “A Man Alone,” and we really start seeing the character that would become not only a fan favorite, but arguably the most important person across two quadrants.

I have a confession . . . I play with dolls (or I used to, rather).  When I was a little boy, I fell in love with Barbie and anything pretty with long hair.  My parents would let me have Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Bionic woman dolls, but Barbie was for sissies and, therefore, not allowed.  Fortunately, my mother gave me a younger sister who shared my obsession with dolls, and I got to play with all of her dolls (including Barbie, snap!) under the guise of sibling bonding.  My childhood passion would turn into a lifelong love affair with the soulless, vapid totems of beauty.  I try to limit my collection to Wonder Woman and anything "special" or rare. (If anyone has an extra limited edition Robert Tonner Zombie Boy doll laying around . . . )

When an elite WWII Special Forces squad is tasked with stopping Nazi paranormal rites, you know that things are going to go wrong. The Black Devils are the best hunters and trackers the Allies could muster, and their main target is the secret occult organization at the heart of the Third Reich. Things go south when the Devils interrupt a ritual designed to open a gateway between worlds.


Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

Author Aidan Harte has gone from sculpting characters out of metal in his art to sculpting characters out of words in his debut novel, Irenicon, Book 1 in The Wave Trilogy, which will be released from Jo Fletcher Books/Quercus on April 1, 2014.  In advance of the book's release, the publishers have generously provided us with 5 (Yes, 5!) advance copies of the historical fantasy novel to give away to our readers.

Writer Zack Whedon and artist Georges Jeanty continue to be “big, damn heroes” to Browncoats everywhere this month by supplying us with another excellent issue of Serenity: Leaves on the Wind. The third issue of this series ratchets up the plot even more, pitting Mal and his crew against their old enemy, Jubal Early, and forcing our desperate characters to turn to a figure from the past in a last-ditch attempt for help against the almighty Alliance. Things couldn’t be more tense or exciting . . . it’s a mighty fine time to be a Serenity fan, isn’t it?


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