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World of Webcomics is a series devoted to exploring the world of online comics and their target audiences, as well as their art styles, storylines, and the general enjoyment that they provide.

Perhaps one of the first well-known webcomics, General Protection Fault takes a look at the way a small software company works, beginning back when the web bubble hadn’t yet fully burst, albeit in a very fictional situation. Full of characters and situations that would make a soap opera bankrupt, this webcomic parodies several aspects of popular culture in a way that makes it enjoyable for readers as well as to fit in with plot points that make sense but are still rather outlandish. Fully of comedy, drama, and the techno-nerd-geek speak that makes the world go ‘round, this webcomic is of the creative mind of Jeffery Darlington. GPF updates Monday-Wednesday-Friday at gpf-comics.com.



Rachel Pandich
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JACKSONVILLE, FL – July 25, 2013 – Indie comic book writers Rachel Pandich (Womanthology: Heroic, Aspire) and Gerald Rathkolb (Anime World Order) have teamed with a myriad of talented writers and artists to produce an Indiegogo campaign for Skin Crawling Comics, a horror-themed comic book anthology.  Running from July 25, 2013, through Friday, September 13, 2013, the campaign aims to raise funds to publish the creator-owned project while celebrating scary storytelling and providing a platform for independent creators to showcase their abilities.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2013, FBC's Shannon Cabeen talks with NewStarship.com founder and CEO Huston Huddleston about his work to restore the bridge of the Enterprise, the impressive number of Star Trek celebrities involved, and more.


The following is an interview with C.E.L. Welsh (creator of The Wrecked Earth, author of CLUTCH), Jeremy Mohler (illustrator, founder of Outland Entertainment, and art director of Seven Stones), author William Meikle, author Craig Terlson (Correction Line, Bent Highway), author Scott Colby (SHOTGUN), artist Kelly Williams (Alterna Comics, Topsoil Comics, the webcomic Co-Op, and the colorist for the CLUTCH cover), and Nicholas Giacondido (creator of the graphic novel UTOPIA and the webcomic FREE MARS). In this interview, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Kristine Chester chats with the team about the upcoming Seven Stones Project set in the post-apocalyptic world of The Wrecked Earth and CLUTCH and their contributions to it.

This interview was conducted on July 14, 2013.

*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.


This is going to date me, but I first became aware of Dennis Farina in 1988.  I was 20 years old, and I had just seen Midnight Run for the first of many times.  There’s a really strong chance you’ve never seen it, and that makes me a little sad.  Midnight Run is a buddy action comedy with Robert De Niro as a bounty hunter and Charles Grodin as an accountant who has skipped bail after being arrested for embezzling several million dollars from a Chicago mob boss.  De Niro’s character is charged with bringing Grodin in to stand trial, a trial that may never take place as Grodin’s character will surely be killed in prison.  Midnight Run is a triumph of execution.  Is it formulaic?  Absolutely.  Only people who’ve never seen a movie before won’t know how things are resolved.  It’s a buddy movie, after all.  Will the two mismatched characters wind up with a grudging respect for each other?  Of course they will.  The difference here is Midnight Run features a terrific script from George Gallo and sure-handed direction from veteran Martin Brest, who was just coming off a massive hit with Beverly Hills Cop.  And, Midnight Run had an amazing cast.  Both De Niro and Grodin (who was allowed to improvise a lot of his dialogue) give multiple layers to these characters.  Yes, you know where their relationship is headed, but it feels completely true and earned when you arrive there.  A scene late in the film where De Niro is reunited with his estranged teenage daughter gives more raw emotion than films like this usually offer.  It’s one of my five or six favorite movies of all time.   In a wild coincidence, the film celebrated its 25th anniversary over the weekend.

When I opened the shipping box from Buffalo Games, I saw an envelope with my name written on it laying on top of the contents. What's going on here? Is this a death threat (again) or a bribe to give the games a good review? No, merely a card with the Buffalo Games logo watermarked on the cover, and inside accompanying a business card was a hand-written note explaining the contents of the box and well wishes with an interest in hearing what I have to say about the 3 games included. I've never received such a gesture with a package of review games before and was touched and intrigued.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2013, FBC's Bryant Dillon talks with actor/writer/director Amber Benson about the working with Neil Gaiman, who she would want to play in the Marvel film universe, and more.


It’s hard to tell what’s going on at any given time in The Vale. First of all, the main characters tend to speak in varying degrees of an accent that I can only describe as “British Thug.” An accent which is spelled out phonetically on the page, so that a statement like, “My parents are in there,” would be written as “Ma rents iz in dere!” While it’s usually at least somewhat evident from context what they’re saying, this style of writing can still be challenging to puzzle through, particularly when they start talking in obscure slang. It’s a stylistic choice, though. I get that, and it helps to establish the characters and the world they’re living in.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2013, FBC's Bryant Dillon talks with Buffy: Season 9 writer Drew Z. Greenberg about the inspiration for Billy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy: Season 10, and more.


As you may have guessed, my real name isn’t Jack.  Because of the sensitivity of my career, etc., I use the moniker, “Jack” or “Simply Jack” to throw the hounds (you) off my trail.  Jack, however, is partially inspired by a supporting character in the Mass Effect franchise . . . so yeah – I am a total Mass Effect junky.  And, Jack is hot, and a girl. (and now you don’t even know if I’m a boy or a girl!  Bwahahah!)

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