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Fear Agent Volume Three careens headlong into the past, revealing the history that writer Rick Remender has been teasing and tempting us with for the last two volumes, spurred on by the desolateness of the Heath Huston of now.  The past is like a flood that comes crashing over Heath, and we get caught up in its deadly undertow, dragged along through the memories of Heath’s triumphs and tribulations.  The almost mythic story escalates fast into insurmountable alien obstacles, and then somehow goes beyond that with sci-fi shock and awe and damaged, desperate character choices.  We know how Heath is in the present, and in The Last Goodbye we learn why, and that revelation is dark, destructive, and heart-crushingly irreparable.

The Fanboy Comics staff and the creators behind the comic book series Penguins vs. Possums introduce the trade paperback that focuses on the epic and bizarre battle between the species.

Or a better question, am I getting to be the cranky curmudgeon that complains, "They don't make good music anymore!" To be honest, (a rare treat, so enjoy it!), I've cut back on my Top 40 listening over the years. Personally, I'm not enjoying the stuff I hear, and I'd give those stations more of a chance if they would at least play a wider array of crap. Top 40 became "Top 15 whose labels pay the best." Pay for Play has been around since the first commercial radio station hit the airwaves. I truly wish record labels, especially the ones with a few spare bill laying around, would sack up and lay down some cash to some artists that aren't just on the air 'till they can make the transition to their true passion, reality T.V. I'd plea for radio stations to at least give their listeners an hour or two devoted to new, non-cookie cutter music. One band I could suggest for that format would be SLIG.

Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will soon be releasing Revelations #6 (the final issue of the series!) on Wednesday, June 4th, written by Paul Jenkins and illustrated by Humberto Ramos. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an exclusive advance preview of Issue #6!

It’s no surprise at this point, but writer Zack Whedon and artist Georges Jeanty continue their “winning” run on Serenity: Leaves on the Wind with an amazing and action-packed fifth issue!


I’ve been privileged to be asked to write reviews for many of my colleagues, which I hope not only means I give fair and balanced reviews, but entertaining ones, as well.  I readily admit that I do these reviews not only to get free stuff, but to learn from other creators; however, when I have to bring the hammer down, I try to do it with respect and a sincere belief that any criticism I give will only help them improve their craft or that they will at least think about what I’ve said. Fortunately, there is little not to like about Ups and Down.

This weekend belonged to Godzilla. I watched with rapt attention as he woke from hibernation, swam the Pacific Ocean, and battled the mighty, mating MOTU only to take a brief nap and then crash back under the waves, returning to the ocean depths from which he came.

What a stud, amirite? Sure, he knocks s--t over, but it’s all on the way to restore natural order to a world he arguably doesn’t have to care about. Some monsters just have altruistic motives to their city smashing, I guess. Whereas most others simply want to populate the earth and together crunch every skyline from here to Tokyo.

In that light, Godzilla has downright commendable character. I’d certainly buy the guy a drink.

In addition to highlighting Kickstarter campaigns for promising comic book and graphic novel properties, Fanboy Comics' "Kickstarter Report" series aims to shine a spotlight on worthwhile projects from all mediums and interests, including film.  For that reason, today's installment of "The Kickstarter Report" will feature The Chair, a psychological horror film with an exciting an recognizable cast that will undoubtedly pique your interest and leave you pondering the good and evil that exists in all of us.

Digital studio Madefire (with its Motion Book platform) is a force to be reckoned with, and its impressive lineup of participating publishers seems to be ever expanding.  This morning, Madefire announced the addition of four new comic book publishers to join the Motion Book experience.

Seraphim, Archie Comics, Lion Forge, and Arcana will be joining an already incredible group of top publishers, including DC Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, and Top Cow.  For full details on the new partnerships and the titles to be added to the Motion Book experience, please see Madefire's official press release below.


Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

After the overwhelming success of author Justin Robinson's novel, Mr. Blank, the acclaimed author has returned with the sequel Get Blank to once again take on the seedier side of fiction with a hilarious, thrilling noir extravaganza. In celebration of the book's recent release, our friends at Candlemark & Gleam have generously provided us with 3 digital copies of the book AND a physical Get Blank prize pack (consisting of a trade paperback, plus a bundle of Justin Robinson swag, from Mr. Blank, Get Blank, and City of Devils - everything from bookmarks to buttons to conspiracy-related merchandise!) to give away to our readers.

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