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Hello, listeners!

In the latest episode of The PREVIEWS Party Podcast, we discussed a new hardcover graphic novel from BOOM! Studios' Archaia imprint called Mouse Guard: Baldwin the Brave and Other Tales that collects previous Mouse Guard Free Comic Book Day stories and two completely new stories. We were so excited about this great, new introduction to Mouse Guard that we decided to go straight to the source to learn more. Listen as we discuss the the inspiration for these tales, the artistic process, and the importance of realism in a world of anthropomorphic mice with creator David Petersen.

Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will soon be releasing Steed and Mrs. Peel: We're Needed #3 on Wednesday, September 24th, written by Ian Edginton, illustrated by Marco Cosentino, and with cover art by Miss Led. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an exclusive advance preview of Issue #3!

When I was a kid, every Saturday morning, I would dump out the toy bin and pick out my favorite action figures. Gunslingers, samurai, gladiators, soldiers, and astronauts would all be teaming up to fight some great evil I dreamed up that morning, and the sounds of battle would fill my living room. This is my favorite part of George Perez’s new comic book, Sirens. It is a mash up of characters and genres in one epic tale. Perez uses time travel to weave together a story that involves a team of women from all throughout time and space, tackling a single threat. It is one of the coolest action/adventure books I’ve read in a long time. You should definitely pick up a copy at your local comic store this week.

Now, if my glowing review doesn’t convince you, then why don’t we let George Perez himself convince you. Yesterday, BOOM! Studios invited Fanboy Comics and 5 other news outlets to join in on a conference call with Mr. Perez. For an hour, we discussed Sirens and Perez’s inspirations to create the book. One thing became very clear: the comic book veteran is incredibly excited for this book. He was like a kid who just opened up a new toy on his birthday and wants to tell us all about it. So, please read on below for a transcript of the call with questions from all of the fellow journalists who joined on the call.  (Sirens is now available from BOOM! Studios.)

I would drape myself in this comic, if it were socially acceptable. Well, perhaps not, but I definitely enjoy reading it, at any rate. We’re now into the second arc of the story The Secret Lives of Dead Men. After spending the last month or so running all around the globe, Velvet Templeton, secret agent turned secretary turned rogue agent, has returned to London to confront the agency directly.

I had never heard of this graphic novel before I agreed to read and review it.  I thought it would be just another post-apocalyptic hero mag.  Marvel has done this a few times with some pretty impressive results (Old Man Logan is the best, in my opinion.), and I figured this baby would be like some of the others. (Zombies was interesting – there have been a bunch.)

Holy crap I was wrong.

This is my first comic book read for The Walking Dead series, and I must say, as a huge fan of the show, this issue had the same feel and intensity that I am used to from TV.


‘Polar Bear Zombie:’ Comic Book Review

Polar Bear Comics' Polar Bear Zombie is a fun, rewarding book that is worth your time. The story involves a couple of hapless zookeepers who struggle to survive in the early stages of a zombie invasion. Their chief ward, the ill-fated polar bear, becomes infected while brawling with the encroaching undead. The animated atrocities accomplish what global warming could not: the would-be hero is laid low — until he returns to hideous life, on a mission to bedevil every man, zombie, and whale that crosses his path. The story is brisk, the drawings are detailed sketches that strike just the right mood, and the gore is so grotesque it may give squeamish readers paws. [ahem]

“So honor the valiant who died ‘neath your sword,
But pity the warrior who slays all his foes.”
     -- from Fall of Kang, by G’Trok

Traditionally, the captains are the stars of each Trek show, so it might be surprising to note that until this hour, Sisko has not been the main character of an episode since the pilot. There’s a compelling argument to be made he’s the hero of the Dax episodes (and that’s a whole other problem), and possibly parts two and three of the Bajoran Trilogy (Though those are so sprawling, it’s tough to single out one person.), but a show really entirely about the man in charge? Sisko had turned into an aloof authority figure, and it was time to humanize him.

It did not go well.

Comic book publisher Top Cow will soon be releasing the 39th issue of Artifacts, written by Top Cow Talent Hunt winner Raven Heisenberg and illustrated Gustavo Brocanello, and the publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff. In light of the comic book's upcoming release tomorrow, September 17th, we are now able to share a preview of Issue #39!

Red City #4 written by Daniel Corey and with art by Anthony Diecidue is coming out tomorrow and wraps up the first arc of this exciting, new comic with a big, bright bow on top.  It’s the last act of the story, and there’s a lot of ground to cover, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a firefight and some fisticuffs.  This issue feels a little rushed compared to the three previous, but it gives us a satisfying conclusion and will leave you hankering for the next arc.

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