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You know that friend who only has a few anecdotes and constantly keeps retelling the same stories over and over again? Steven Moffat has become that friend to Doctor Who, and no matter how great those stories were the first time, I am tired of them.


Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

Greetings from the Shire on this happiest of Hobbit Days!  Hobbit Day is the birthday of hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, two fictional characters in J. R. R. Tolkien's popular set of books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. In the books, both Bilbo and Frodo were said to be born on September 22, but of different years. Bilbo was born in the year of 2890 and Frodo in the year of 2968 in the Third Age (1290 and 1368 respectively in Shire-Reckoning).

Nightmare Carnival is a short story anthology. The included works are generally gothic in their tone and tenor, and — as indicated by the title — they all relate to a carnival or carnivals in one way or another. With some notable exceptions, the included tales are generally amateurish. A surprising number of the authors have not mastered basic concepts that pertain to the craft of writing (e.g., they overuse and needlessly repeat words; they fail to use paragraph structure to establish tempo; and they include labored dialogue that is usually more distracting than informative); however, it is also true that a number of the stories — or, more specifically, the ideas — that are conveyed in these pieces are entertaining and do deliver the anticipated “goods” — scary carnival-themed events. For these reasons, the work can be recommended to anyone who has a well-worn VHS of Killer Clowns from Outer Space, but it can’t be recommended to a general audience.

Well, he’s done it again. Matt Kindt has surprised me in a comic where I always expect an unusual twist. In the last issue, Meru was sent on a mission to find the first immortal. In this issue, she breaks the rules in order to find him. Along the way, we learn a little more about the history of everyone’s favorite mind management agency. Sir Francis, the first immortal, looks like he might be a powerful ally for Meru, who is running out of allies at the moment. There is also a fun moment where a bit of the structure of the series takes on a totally different light.

Ahoy, Fanboy Comics mateys!

Avast! 'Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and ye FBC friends will be grabbing a grog after pillaging a village or two to celebrate this day to its fullest.

‘Annihilation:’ Book Review

There is a particular quote from Annihilation that sums up my entire experience with it:

“When you see beauty and desolation, it changes something inside you.  Desolation tries to colonize you.”

I teetered between loving and seriously not liking this story.  It wasn’t until the very last scenes that I came to some degree of reconciliation with my reaction to it.  To Jeff VanderMeer’s credit, I think that this is the exact experience he intends for the reader to have, as he skillfully manipulates the reader into the same difficult emotional journey that his main character is taking.

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson about their IndieGoGo project: a time travel action/comedy web series called Pike and Trident. Well, I’m pleased to report that their tireless labor over the last few months has finally yielded fruit! Pike and Trident: Episode 1, “A Viking We Will Go,” premiered today on YouTube! And, I’m pleased to report that it’s everything they promised and more.

This month’s issue of Bullet Gal opens with a bang—literally. As one of crime boss Sol’s overzealous underlings tries to kill our titular heroine, Lee, her mentor, steps in to save her life, getting himself killed in the process. I’d normally be reluctant to give out such a major plot point like that, but it’s the focal point of the entire issue. Plus, it’s literally the first thing that happens, so it’s not exactly a spoiler.

She’s back: our favorite plucky superhero-in-training—who would probably shoot you in the face if she heard you call her “plucky.” Mitzi, a.k.a. Bullet Gal, is certainly not your typical superhero. She’s got a lot of demons to conquer, and a lot of anger to work through. Which, admittedly, does sound a bit like your typical superhero, but the difference is that Mitzi is still just a teenager—and also armed.

I’m sure you’re all already aware of Cal McDonald?  No?  Well, you should be.  He’s this really cool anti-hero who’s been around for like 20 years, inspiring people like me to protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and be super badass, like, all the time. ‘Cause that’s what I do.
So, anyway, today we’re reviewing Criminal Macabre, the latest mini-series by writer and creator Steve Niles.  You know Steve?  Good guy – he is kind of someone.  I mean, he’s the 30 Days of Night guy . . . Oh you’ve heard of that one?  Well, this guy is responsible.  Which makes him a genius and worth remembering his name. I’m not mad, just don’t do it again. 

Where was I?

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