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Comic book publisher Top Cow will soon be releasing the eleventh issue of Aphrodite IX, written by Matt Hawkins and illustrated by Stjepan Šejić, and the publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff. In light of the comic book's upcoming release on Wednesday, June 18th, we are now able to share a preview of Issue #11!

Attack on Titan is a very interesting, new anime series from creator Hajime Isayama and Funimation Studios about a group of young military cadets in a battle for survival against gigantic, ravenous humanoids called Titans. The series has taken the world by storm with its intense action and emotional storyline, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Fanboys Comics Contributors Jodi Scaife and Senior Contributors Jason Enright and Kristine Chester don their three-dimensional maneuvering gear and dive into the series with this in-depth, 5-part review of Attack on Titan: Season One.

Real Conversations with Fake People is a fairly new podcast series and a labor of love for host Siike Donnelly. The podcast takes the form of a parody interview show, where Donnelly enlists actors and comedians to portray his favorite fictional characters, so that he may sit down with them for an “in-character,” heart-to-heart conversation (that also often involves a lot of overall “geeking out” between Donnelly and his “guests”).

As Donnelly explained to Fanboy Comics, he has a “Marvel-ous treat” in store for the listeners of the upcoming Real Conversations with Fake People season finale.

When Fanboy Comics is not providing you with the latest in geek news and entertainment, the FBC staff hopes to offer our readers a myriad of opportunities to give back to the community. We love reading comics, watching movies, and playing video games, but we are never happier than when we are able to help others in need. With Geeks Care: How You Can Help, FBC will provide you a variety of causes that would greatly appreciate your time.

The focus of this week's edition of Geeks Care: How You Can Help was brought to the attention of the Fanboy Comics staff by Dave Kellett, the extremely talented creator behind the web comics Sheldon and Drive and the recent documentary STRIPPED.  Kellett is one of hundreds of cartoonists across the country to have participated in a collaborative fundraising art book to benefit Team Cul de Sac (TCDS), a fundraising effort led by professional web designer Chris Sparks in honor of his friend, Richard Thompson, the cartoonist behind the Cul de Sac comic strip. Thompson has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and Team Cul de Sac is endeavoring to raise money and awareness for Parkinson's disease research.  Through both the purchase of the fundraising art book and the upcoming Team Cul de Sac Drink and Draw event taking place in Charlotte, NC, you can help to find a cure for Parkinson's disease.

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

Many of you will know hip hop master Adam WarRock from his geek-themed albums, including The Browncoats Mixtape and Watch The Throne (X), as well as songs like "Magneto Was Right," "I Can't Stop Watching House of Cards" and "When the Winter Comes." (In addition, you may have heard WarRock's musical stylings if you recently tuned in to Fanboy Comics' weekly podcast, The Fanboy Scoop - Week In Review, as he wrote and performed our theme song!)

Our readers will also know that WarRock often provides his music free of charge to listeners (Almost 600 free songs to date!) . . . because he is just an all-around awesome guy! Well, it's time that we showed Adam WarRock how much we appreciate all of his hard work and geeky musical stylings.

The All-New Marvel provides an overview of the new series coming from Marvel Comics’ All-New Marvel NOW! banner and the impact they have on the classic and new characters we love (and those we love to hate). With each installment of The All-New Marvel, we see what our favorite characters are up to and where they are headed in the future.

A group of heroes from the time when the world was at war in nearly every corner of the Earth have survived (in one way or another) to continue their heroics as part of the modern era. Known as either heroes or villains, would-be conquers or liberators, these men served not just their nation, but the world as a whole, when they fought in war that changed the very nature of life. Captain America, the Winter Soldier, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and the original Human Torch: members of the once-proud Allied effort against the Axis Powers, they continue to serve the world as the All-New Invaders.


Bullet Gal is a character from Andrez Bergen’s superhero novel, Who Is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? Though never really seen in action in the book, she also makes an appearance in the second issue of Bergen’s anthology comic, Tales to Admonish, wherein she gets an adventure all her own called “All Fur Coat, No Knickers,” with art by Matt Kyme. Now, finally, she appears in her own title, albeit a short one. This is clearly a character that Mr. Bergen enjoys, and, reading Bullet Gal #1, it’s easy to see why.  

The creators behind Penguins vs. Possums: Volume One and the Fanboy Comics staff discuss whether readers tend to side with the penguins or the possums, and they also "choose a side" themselves.

This week's edition of Fanboy Comics' Kickstarter Report highlights an exciting, new transmedia Kickstarer campaign launched by the very talented Brian Buccellato (Flash, Detective Comics, The Black Bat).  Combining the storytelling mediums of film and comic books, Sons of the Devil is a character-driven psychological thriller that is told in multiple timelines across 25 years.  Buccellato and the project's creators seek to create an experience that lives in two separate forms of media that - when brought together - creates the rich tapestry of a world that examines the cult of personality.  In order to bring their inventive storytelling to life, they need your help!

Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will soon be releasing Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #4 on Wednesday, June 18th, written by Eric M. Esquivel, illustrated by Jerry Gaylord, and with cover art by Alexis Ziritt. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an exclusive advance preview of Issue #4!

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