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Wonder Woman is the princess of the Amazons, the group of all female warriors from Greek mythology, but Diana also learns her father is none other than Zeus, king of the gods, and now she must contend with the knowledge of her heritage and family politics.




GCB MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

Is GCB (Good Christian Belles) ABC's Desperate replacement or Pan Am's grounded flight schedule filler? Neither. The new ABC dramedy actually stands quite well on its own.

Based on the book Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin, this mid-season replacement may be a keeper. It certainly has the mixed appeal of watching the over privileged be awful to one another and plastic beauty for sure. I was a little turned off by the Southern angle at first, as I usually don't go down Jethro Lane, but it's hard to resist an ad campaign with a cute blonde in blue and a pink background. I associate crosses more with Madonna than Jesus, so I wasn't immediately turned off by the religious angles as I anticipated a high dosage of hypocrisy, and who in the hell doesn't love that?


Mass Effect 2Two years ago, the sequel to a promising action RPG was released to near universal acclaim. Mass Effect 2 solved most of the issues that plagued the first game in the series and redefined what it means to be a role-playing game. Despite earning over 70 perfect scores and winning numerous Game of the Year awards, there are still a few lost souls who have not played this game. Let me tell you why you should, and if you have played it, why you should play it again.

The story.


Geeks The MusicalThe Write Act Repertory Theatre in Hollywood, CA, is currently home to the world premiere of Geeks! The Musical, an original musical comedy that follows the adventures of geeks of many genres at San Diego Comic-Con.  With an extremely talented cast and a myriad of well-versed pop culture references, Geeks! provides an entertaining evening of theatre but falls victim to antiquated stereotypes of geek culture.

Written by self-professed geek Thomas J. Misuraca, Geeks! tells the story of three sets of friends at SDCC: two fanboys hoping to meet their favorite Sci-Fi actor and snag a mint-condition copy of the elusive Batman #92, a fangirl and her anti-everything, D&D-loving guy pal, and a goth writer and her not-so-talented artist friend.  Things go awry when fanboy and fangirl meet, and a farcical odyssey of miscommunications, broken hearts, and rejection unfold on the convention floor.


sa cover finalFanboy Comics is proud to announce the release of Something Animal, its first graphic novel!  Something Animal is a dark, psychological thriller that pulls the vampire myth back into the shadows where it belongs.

In the following interview, Something Animal artist Robert Burrows reflects on his changing artistic tastes and the artists from whom he draws inspiration. 


Something Animal is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase on the Fanboy Comics website!

Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook, Twitter (@SomethingAnimal), and the Fanboy Comics website! 




Supergirl MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

I want to say my introduction to Supergirl was an old back issue with her on the cover, psychotically punching off the head of her own statue, maybe a Superman Family Digest or something. I don't know, look it up. A cute, blue-eyed blonde that flew around in a skirt and was prone to bipolar rages? Sign me up!

Then, we had the big screen version of Superman's long-lost cousin in Supergirl, the titular role filled by not-so-super-exciting Helen Slater. The real stars of that movie were Faye Dunaway, as the over-the-top villainess Selena and her henchwoman, Bianca, played by the hilarious Brenda Vacarro. Maybe not the greatest movie, but a camp lover's dream come true for sure. At any rate, that movie did so well that they killed poor Kara Zor-El off in comic book land.

The Evil That Men DoBy Robert J. Baden, Guest Contributor to Fanboy Comics



Since I started reading mainstream Marvel comics, I’ve focused more on the smaller—12 issues or less—trade paperbacks, as a way to learn more without getting too caught up until I’m sure I have the time.  One trade I had the fortune of picking out near the beginning was a 6-issue series written by cosmic geek Kevin Smith starring Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and the Black Cat (Felicia Hardy).  At first it just seemed like another series concerning Spider-Man’s love life and criminals in NYC, albeit with an interesting twist, but as I kept reading, throughout the issues, I learned it tackled a very important and rather sensitive issue:

Sexual assault and molestation.


sa cover finalDear Fanboy Comics Readers:

On behalf of the Fanboy Comics staff, I am both excited and proud to announce that FBC's first graphic novel, Something Animal, will be released in digital format through Graphicly on Monday, March 5, 2012!  Fans of the gritty psychological thriller will now be able to enjoy the graphic novel on the handheld device of their choice!

For more information regarding the digital release of Something Animal, please see our full press release, below.


Digital copies of Something Animal are now available!


Kings Quest USEFanboy Comics' newest contributor, Jordan Callarman, advises gamers about the path to glory.

By Jordan Callarman, Guest Contributor to Fanboy Comics



In light of Double Fine’s epic Kickstarter to fund an old school point-and-click adventure game (which is still happening! Click here to donate!), I’ve been thinking a lot about this style of game lately. I mean, I was raised on classics like the King’s Quest series, so this genre is nothing new to me. But, for younger generations, and even a large percentage of my own, these types of games go unplayed. They’re viewed as antiquated and lumped in with all the other old and obsolete games. This is the future! Why play something like Pong when you can play Mass Effect 3?

Which is not to say that point-and-click adventure games (hereafter known as PACAs, because I am lazy) don’t have their supporters. Telltale Games has been releasing episodic PACAs for a few years now that are set in universes like Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. The genre soldiers on, and it’s a good thing, too, because there are modern gaming lessons to be learned from PACAs, and I’ve got the list to prove it!

Oscars Billy CrystalStreamy Award nominated host, new media producer, and pop culture writer Kristyn Burtt covers all of the excitement of the 84th Annual Academy Awards on behalf of Fanboy Comics.  In this video, Kristyn wraps up her 2012 Oscar coverage with her overall impressions and highlights, while looking ahead to the 2013 Academy Awards!  



Stay tuned for more Oscar news from Kristyn and Fanboy Comics in the coming weeks!  You can follow us on Twitter, as well, at @KristynBurtt and @FanboyComix!

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