A Vampires DominionWhen I first picked up A Vampire’s Dominion by V.M.K. Fewings, I was very intrigued. The back cover sucked me in. It tells the story of two rival vampires, Jadeon and Orpheus, who have hated each other for centuries. One day, they awake with two minds, but only one body. Nobody understands how the two enemies have been joined together into a vampire named William, but everyone is on the hunt for the spell to undo it. It has everything you could want in a novel: vampires, vampire hunters, and a lady love interest for each of the men, forming something well beyond a love triangle. I dove right into this book.

Captain America MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy



Captain America isn't gay...but his brother is.

Hot on the heels of seeing The Avengers, with the adrenaline pumping in my veins, I did what any good queen would do...and went to Target.  Like any geek, I had to check out the toy aisle and see all of The Avengers swag.  I'll have you know I had no trouble whatsoever picking up Thor's hammer, Mjolnar, and I am no God. (Maybe a Demi-god.) Granted it was an 11 ounce light up plastic toy, but I felt mighty nonetheless.  That is until I overheard a girl telling her boyfriend, "I'm sorry but Captain America is so gay." That made me gayngry, and trust me, Mr. McGee, you won't like me when I'm angry. I did not Hulk out, however.  As much as I wanted to do a Black Widow spin kick and knock the glasses off her pointed little face, I still believe in educating over fisticuffs. So, I simply informed the ignoramus that being gay wasn't a bad thing, and that Captain America wasn't gay, but Chris Evans the actor who plays Captain America indeed has an identical twin brother that was gay.  Not just every gay man's fantasy but, in fact, the truth. Her boyfriend said they didn't mean it like that, and I explained to them that it perpetuated a negative stereotype and using gay as a derogatory term was just as bad as the "N" word.  Drama Queen? Maybe, but I would be remiss in my duties as a gay man if I walked away and didn't say anything. And, maybe little missy and her boyfriend will think twice before using such hateful terms at the highly homosexually patronized Target in West Hollywood no less. Who do I think I am spouting off my uninvited "opinion?" A superhero? Not really.  I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would never sit idly by and let homosexuality be used negatively.  That I would do my part. Some battles are worth fighting. This is one of them. I still believe in the good of man, I just want a better showing. 


FCBD Star Wars SerenityI would first like to address that I was deceived. When I heard there was a Star Wars/Serenity comic book, the geek part of my brain kicked into overdrive, and I imagined a glorious crossover in which Han Solo and Mal Reynolds at first fought over the same smuggling job, butting heads and clever verbal jabs along the way, only to join forces against a common enemy with only their snark and their blasters by their side.

Alas, this was not meant to be, but, at least, such an extraordinary vision still sits in my mind.


Young JusticeThe second time a television show has been made around a young superhero team within the greater DC universe, Young Justice is about several former sidekicks coming together to act as a support team for the greater Justice League.  Heroes band together to take on some of the worst of the worst in the DC universe, but that doesn’t keep them from having fun throughout the series.  These young whippersnappers are ready to take on the world to prove they’re worthy of a larger role in the superhero community, but their eagerness produces some problems.



Super Knocked Up 1As we all know from superhero comics, sometimes, things get hot and heavy between hero and villain. There’s that forbidden attraction, the long, sweaty nights of sparring, and the costumes that are tight in all the right places - a perfect cocktail for a hero/villain sandwich. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again...but what if you forgot to use protection? This is the story behind the fun and hilarious web series, Super Knocked Up. Telling the story of super villain Jessica James (aka Darkstar) and the results of her one night stand with womanizing superhero Captain Amazing, the series has some great laughs, sharp looking effects, and a very talented cast. Natalie Bain, who plays Jessica James, is stellar and charismatic in the lead role and writer/director/producer Jeff Burns must be given a lot of credit for the success of the series. Given Super Knocked Up’s comic book roots, it was only a matter of time before it made the transition to printed page.

knight actionYou're invited to attend a "Comics and Coffee" signing and panel discussion with special guest Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Daredevil, Irredeemable, Incorruptible) on Monday, Monday, May 14th, at 6:00 p.m. at Emerald Knights - Comics and Games in Burbank, CA!


"Comics and Coffee" is a weekly discussion series of everything happening in the comic book industry, hosted by Emerald Knights every Monday evening.  On May 14th, the panel will include comic industry great Mark Waid, who will discuss his epic story, Kingdom Come.  Waid will be signing items for fans from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m., but be sure to stay from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. for the panel discussion.


ReAnimator The MusicalI’d like to start out by sharing something with you: I am extremely squeamish. As a result, the vast majority of horror movies are off-limits to me, which is a shame, because I would really like to see some of them. In fact, I probably know more about many horror movies than the average movie-goer, because I read all about them on Wikipedia. Still, I can’t watch them. When I was in elementary school, another kid told me a little bit about the movie Alien, and that was all my brain needed for ten years of nightmare fuel. I didn’t actually see the movie until I was 21, and when the chestburster scene finally arrived, I almost went into cardiac arrest. Then, it was over, and all I could think was, “That’s it? That wasn’t so bad.” Smell a segue coming up? Well, good nose, because Re-Animator: The Musical was a lot like the chestburster scene for me: not what I expected, and not even all that great, but definitely a unique experience that stuck with me long after it was over.

Club 33Ever since I visited Club 33 in February 2010 and wrote about it, it has been one of my most popular posts on Red Carpet Closet, and it has been my top viewed video on YouTube.  Well, the day has come and Disney has revealed some insider secrets about membership, because they are opening the waiting list for the first time in a decade.  The Orange County Register divulged the details last week, and I am here to give you all of the highlights:

The Legend of KorraNew on the Tube is a series devoted to reviewing relatively new television shows and determining how they may (or may not) appeal to their intended audiences, where the shows are going, and what can be done to make them better.


Show Premise: 

It is decades after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the latest Avatar, Korra, is training in the various elements.  Deciding to go to Republic City to learn more from the Airbenders—and to make a bit of a difference in the metropolis that is the capital—Korra encounters several individuals, including those who are distrustful of benders.  She continues to train, so that she will be ready to not just be the Avatar, but to be a legend.  The show airs on Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern) on Nickelodeon.





Sparrow Crowe with ReviewSparrow & Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles follows supernatural detective Dr. Xander Crowe and his assistant, Sparrow, as they investigate a case that puts them in between the crosshairs of the LA mob and a literal demon from Crowe's past.

Minor Spoilers Below

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