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‘Klaus #6:’ Advance Comic Book Review

As Grant Morrison wraps around third base and begins his sprint towards home plate with Klaus, the series becomes highly enjoyable with all of its parts coming together. Also helpful is a sprinkling on top of the esoteric that Morrison is oft known for. This sends us charging forward to the final issue wondering what exactly is going to happen.

Morrison has been playing the surface layer thus far, hinting at some deeper things happening for six issues now. It’s been fun in an Errol Flynn kind of way, but also at times a bit repetitive, and, occasionally, it has dipped into the melodramatic – Heroic heroes being heroic against great odds, villainous villains gritting their teeth villainously. The archetypes are all there. Now, Morrison strips back those layers and shows us the light and dark behind the good and evil, the moment the heroes and villains become more than their parts in the story, but become myths. Legends.

There is magic at play in the world of Klaus, both naughty and nice, and Dan Mora (art) looks like he’s having a heck of a time bringing it all to life on the page. It truly is an adventure in every sense of the word, and Mora’s visual storytelling prowess makes it that much more fun and more cinematic. His coloring work makes every panel spring to life. It’s a beautiful book to look at.

Morrison is building up to some hefty, cheer-worthy heroic moments – the hero’s journey kind. I can feel it. So, I’ll be here for the final issue, because it’s a heck of a good time.


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