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‘Feathers #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

In the second issue of Feathers, we find Poe getting to know his new acquaintance, Bianca.  Each has a life the other doesn’t understand and can’t seem to fathom, which leads to a lot of talking past each other.  While this is understandably frustrating for our young protagonists, it’s a sensational way for us readers to get a big scoop on the world.  Turning a rescue attempt on its head, Jorge Corona manages to pull a little Bat-play, but far darker a route than stodgy, old Mr. Wayne would ever stoop to.

Corona gives us some fantastic world building in this issue, and it only serves to deepen the mystery of where things stand in this place.  Bianca brings with her knowledge of how things came to be and does so with some obvious holes in knowledge, proving learning by rote instead of fascination, leaving us wondering about the parts of the stories she’s never thought to question.  She mentions deified powers that brought prosperity to people who had lost hope, and one can only wonder how they tie in to the voices we heard having their discussion in the first issue.  Poe is more of a definition of how things actually are and shows the street smart, yet slightly distant, savvy that Bianca seems to lack.

I really dig the art style in this series; the Victorian-era clothing and architecture really bring the idea of a structured social hierarchy to the fore and are consistent reminders of where everyone’s place is.  It has the added effect of correlating to a certain orphan tale where hearts of gold in bruised packaging come aplenty.  The feel is very honest and makes you very willing to dive into shady business and mystery.

The pacing of the story in all fronts is great and rides that fine line of too much/give me more.  I’m really enjoying this world and hope that Poe and Bianca are able to showcase more of it for us.

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