The Gamma Gals

The Gamma Gals

The superteam that defends Brightstone City (when not playing D&D).

Kira, Harriet, and Sue are your average high school students at Brightstone City High School by day, but by night, they are The Gamma Gals, protecting Brightstone City from countless super villains, monsters, and more!

The Gamma Gals is a creator-owned, 4-issue digital comic book series that features three RPG-loving teenage girls who awaken from a gamma-irradiated storm to discover they have extraordinary superpowers.  Created, written, and illustrated by newcomer Stefano Terry, The Gamma Gals features a diverse cast of characters that aims to show all readers that everyone can be a superhero.

Issues #1-4 of the comic book series will be released digitally through ComiXology starting in March 2017.  In addition, the series will be collected into a printed trade paperback featuring two bonus issues that will be released on August 30, 2017.



Created/Written/Illustrated by: Stefano Terry

Genre: Superheroes, Action/Adventure
Audience: 8 and up
Issues #1-4 NOW AVAILABLE Digitally!
Single Issue Price: $0.99
Trade Paperback (TPB) Release Date: August 30, 2017
TPB Price: $19.99

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