Tales of the Lost: Volume 1 – We all Lose Something! is a themed-anthology from Things in the Well publishing which has established itself as a publisher of such focused short story collections. As the name implies, the theme from Tales of the Lost is the concept of lost things, interpreted by the anthology’s sixteen contributors in a variety of ways. This also means that the majority of stories in Tales of the Lost will lean toward the tragic and solemn side. As with watching Requiem for a Dream or Grave of the Fireflies, the craftsmanship and narratives of the stories within are well executed, but the subject matter can be quite difficult to negotiate emotionally. Sometimes, characters in the stories are seemingly punished for having lost something in their lives, even when circumstances are outside their control.

B.A.E. Wulf: The Shadow Over Innsmarch is a new, long-form comic book that will release on March 2 from independent publisher Markosia Publishing.  A mashup of an Old English epic poem about the hero Beowulf and H.P. Lovecraft stories, this is a modern-day tale about a disgraced journalist who - while investigating a series of crimes - learns that an island has been the locale for mysterious (occult) deaths.  The journalist seeks answers in an old journal of a townsperson from a hundred years prior and finds that the events recorded decades earlier are eerily otherworldly and similar to what she witnesses during her investigation.  

Tomorrow deals with a premise I’ve seen tackled a few times recently, where a super virus within a computer begins to affect those in the real world with a weird strain of illness. It’s a potent allegory to take on: how technology and the endless landscapes of social media affect who we are as people. Peter Milligan’s take on the premise differs in two very different ways.

The following is an interview with writer Maria DeVivo regarding the recently released psychological horror novel, The Altered, from Solstice Books. In this interview, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon chats with DeVivo about the inspiration behind the story, her creative process in crafting a horror story geared towards a YA audience, the impact that the story may have with readers, and more!

The third and final issue of Moon Maid: Catacombs of the Moon sees Nah-Ee-Lah finally reaching the surface of Vah-nah (the interior of Earth’s Moon) and encountering a friendly tribe of primate-like beings called the Aa-Gas. The Aa-Gas listen to Nah-Ee-Lah’s plight against the nefarious Kalkars, savage human barbarians. The Kalkars continue to torture Nah-Ee-Lah’s protector, Pal-Dan, in the hopes of learning of her whereabouts in order for them to conquer her hidden kingdom of Laythe. The Aa-Gas agree to help Nah-Ee-Lah, and, together, they assault the Kalkars, hoping to vanquish them once and for all.

“Fundamental Comics,” a monthly editorial series that introduces readers to comics, graphic novels, and manga that have been impactful to the sequential art medium and the comic book industry on a foundational level.  Each month, a new essay will examine a familiar or less-known title through an in-depth analysis, exploring the history of the title, significant themes, and context for the title’s popularity since it was first released.

The following is an interview with writer Dillon Gilberston and award-winning artist Francesco Iaquinta regarding their upcoming comic book series, Sweet Heart, from Action Lab: Danger Zone. In this interview, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon chats with Gilberston and Iaquinta about the inspiration behind the series, their shared creative process in bringing the story to life, the impact that the story may have with readers, and more!

The following is an interview with author Debbie Lynne Smith Daughetee and Nancy Holder regarding their currently running Kickstarter campaign for the trade paperback edition of Mary Shelley Presents from Kymera Press. In this interview, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon chats with Daughetee and Holder about the inspiration behind the series, the creative process in adapting the short stories, the impact that the stories may have with readers, and more!

Quick recap: The Sundog crew’s plan almost goes off without a hitch… but almost is enough to get you killed, under the wrong circumstances. In the Hail Mary-iest of Hail Marys, Grix jumps out of the airlock, trusting in her connection to Vess to keep her alive.

With Folklords #4, Matt Kindt continues to delve into the post-modern cerebral landscape of why #StoriesMatter. Also, what the heck are stories anyway? What happens if we don't know whether we're in a story? Who controls our stories? Are our stories based on the privilege of the knowledge that has been given to us? How would our stories change if we knew more? And in turn, I ask, how have those stories changed me and affected who I am? Does Kindt ask all of these question in this one single issue? No! But as a reader (and reviewer), I’m having an active conversation with the artist as I read their work, and these are the questions that spring to my mind when I read this issue, inspired by the adventure our hero finds himself in.

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