Journalist Ben Strong is stuck. He isn’t caught in the middle of truth versus lie to sell a story, because he’s willing to go to any lengths to avoid being fired. Actually, after a near miss of killing someone with his car, he soon finds himself, and everyone else in Los Angeles, quarantined. Ben spews vulgarity at anyone to get his point across, and this introduction doesn’t seem to improve when he nearly kills a mother and baby. Granted, he did have the right away, but playing on your phone while driving is extremely hazardous – our main character is relieved, “Just a little blood. No big deal.”

I first became aware of Christie Shinn’s intriguing artwork in Caligula Imperatore Insanum (Vol 1), where I fell in love with her ability to tell a story with her drawings. Shinn has the capability to bring emotion into her work, and that is extremely clear in A Murder of Crows: And Other Horrible Things to See.

On the outskirts of the “real world,” a rural empire provides for its citizens without the aid of those outside of its borders. This “Grass Kingdom” doesn’t want or need any help, and its ruler Robert leads his community while attempting to lead his own life back to some semblance of normalcy – after his daughter, Rose, disappeared years ago. The strain of her absence and the unknowing behind it became unbearable for him and his wife Amber until she also left, leaving him all alone with his misery.

Welcome to the Geeky Parent Guide – a place where parents can find ways to stay connected with their kids through the wonderfully geeky world of pop culture! As a parent, it’s not always easy to know everything that’s going on that you or your kids might get excited about, so the "GPG" will look to be that resource.

A Hand of Fingers provides readers with some insightful and funny stories with its collected works from creator John Robbins. These short stories and comics traverse a wide range of interesting and odd tales that are quite unique, offering some profound moments in life.

“Prodigal Daughter”
7.11 (aired January 6, 1999)

“To my sister. A shining angel in a dark sky.”
    -- Norvo Tigan

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A Fanbase Press photo gallery has been created to accompany this panel coverage. Feel free to reference the photos as you are reading through this panel coverage.

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