Free Comic Book Day is always an event that brings new readers into comic book shops across the country and encourages long-time fans to try out publishers and titles they have yet to experience fully. As a comic book reader who’s always gravitated to horror and science fiction over superheroes, Dark Horse Comics quickly became my publisher of choice when I was a teenager and has continued to hold that spot in my geeky heart until this day.

Sabbath is the newest novel from Nick Mamatas (I Am Providence, The People’s Republic of Everything, Bullettime) slated to be released this November from Tor Books. The story is about Hexen Sabbath, an English warrior from the 11th century, who is killed during the Battle of Assandun but is propelled by the celestial being Abathar to Manhattan in 2016. His task is to behead each of the personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins within seven days in order to stop the end of the world. During his divine mission, Sabbath encounters Jennifer, an art dealer, who becomes his source of common sense and guidance in the strange, new world. With sword in hand, Sabbath sets off in the metropolis, clashing with each Deadly Sin and their minions. It’s a story that evokes the best of The Terminator, Highlander, and even Army of Darkness.

For Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) this year, the Geeky Parent Guide’s S.T. Lakata wanted to share his thoughts on comic book publisher Image Comics, what makes them a personal favorite, and why others should check out their stories.

“Between the Panels” is a bi-weekly interview series focusing on comic book creators of all experience levels, seeking to examine not just what each individual creates, but how they go about creating it.

Is there anything more intrinsically '90s than Todd McFarlane’s Spawn? It’s perfect. The content is edgy, the art is gritty, and the capes are long as heck. It has been a very long time since Spawn was a hit, but lest we forget, it was a major hit. There was an HBO show along with a feature film and successful cartoon. Impressively enough, Spawn managed to thrive under the umbrella of an independent comic book publisher (Image Comics) which was run by a group of renegade writers and artists, unsatisfied with the deals they were offered at the two major comic book outlets (Marvel and DC).

The following is an interview with award-winning comic book writer and Humanoids Director of Creative Development Mark Waid regarding the publishers' upcoming plans for Free Comic Book Day 2019. In this interview, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon chats with Waid about what he is most excited to share with new and returning readers, Humanoids' H1 imprint and its "shared universe," and more!

The second season of American Gods has come to a close with the episode, “Moon Shadow.”  

It’s time to return to Nailbiter and the town of Buckaroo one last time.

Just about every kid in the '90s had some exposure to R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps. The books were wildly successful and even spawned a TV series that Stine occasionally cameoed in. The plots were often simplistic: Kid(s) discover some dangerous/scary secret, shenanigans ensue, good (usually) trumps evil, though often with a twist. That’s your Goosebumps primer.

Spencer & Locke 2 hits stores on May 1, 2019, as it continues a well-established story featuring a fierce detective (Locke) and his imaginary partner-in-crime (Spencer). After its five Ringo Award nominations in 2018, including Best Series, the “Calvin and Hobbes meets Sin City” team is back, leading fans into the near future beyond those events of the first story arc.

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